X-Men: Days of Future Past — How to Connect with Your Higher Self

X-Men Days of Future Past shows us how to connect with your higher selfEmotion/Theme: Awakening, Discover True Identity, Time, Power of Thought,Forgiveness, Attack, Heal Past Associations, Join in Purpose
Genre: Metaphysical, Classic
Year: 2014
Duration: 131 minutes
Country: USA
Director: Bryan Singer
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart





We find out how to connect with your higher Self in this awakening movie. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the higher Self orchestrates a great healing through forgiveness. Wolverine is chosen to heal the destruction of the world by returning to the 70s on a mission of forgiveness to find the core grievance and heal it. The only way to do this is for Wolverine to connect with his higher Self. Great love and compassion from the higher Self heals the personal anger and animosity between arch enemies, bringing them to harmony and union. In this unification, perception is healed, time is transcended, and the (future) world is saved.

Wolverine’s journey is an allegory of our own spiritual journey. Each of us is called on a journey of awakening. To heal our perception of conflict and destruction we must find out how to connect with your higher Self and go on a mission of forgiveness beyond the projection of time and space. We must go back in our mind to forgive the core grievance in our heart, to forgive our self for believing we could pull apart from God, adopt the ego belief system, and project a world of hateful external enemies. The enemy is not external. We have to see that the murderer, the ego, is within, projecting the external enemies.

Jesus says we look upon that which we feel within. If we have hatred in our heart we will see a world of hatred. If we feel the Love of God within, we will look out on a world of mercy and of love. We are called to heal the hatred in our heart through forgiveness of our brother and the relinquishment of anger and attack. To see the world as unified, we see ourselves as unified. In the movie the characters discover love underneath the hatred, that they are actually dear friends. The holiest spot on earth is where ancient hatred has become a present love. We are called to forgive the ego belief system, which means go prior to it, to go back to our True Self, back to the I AM before time was.


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Anything perceived as happening in the world need not be judged. You cannot have a better life or a worse life in form. You have no control over the world. The script cannot be changed. The script is the past— it is written. There is great release in knowing this, giving you full permission to be happy. It is really very simple.


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