Which Movie to Watch for a Spiritual Awakening Experience?

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Movies can help push your limiting beliefs and thoughts into awareness so you can release them and experience a spiritual awakening!

If you’re interested in having a profound spiritual awakening experience, we invite you to try watching movies using The Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment. Whenever you are struggling with an issue in your life, it simply means that you are in touch with some unconscious fear about going through another level of your own spiritual awakening. Most of us don’t think of it that way—instead we believe that something is going wrong on the “screen” of our life. But from the perspective of A Course in Miracles, this is never truly the case. As Lesson 5 of the Course says, “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

The reason I am upset is always because I am misperceiving everything through the lens of the ego as opposed to the Holy Spirit. And it also means that I am right on the cusp of a spiritual awakening experience that can radically free my mind from whatever was binding it to fear! Of course, there are many helpful ways that the Spirit may guide you to move through that fear and release it, but watching movies with the Spirit happens to be one that often combines entertainment with healing!

Therefore, whenever you feel moved to use these movie watching tools for spiritual healing, here are the steps we would invite you to follow:

  1. Feel into what emotion, fear, or issue is in your mind right now. Picking the right movie at the right time will bring you a deeper experience, which means a speed-up in your spiritual awakening. So get really present with what you are experiencing in this moment, pray for Help, and open your mind to be shown the shift in perception that will be most helpful for you now.
  2. Search the Themes and Emotions on our Movies page and look for themes or emotions that resonate with where you’re at mentally and emotionally. As you select different themes or emotions, you’ll see the list of movie suggestions change to filter for movies which relate to those themes or emotions. Refine your selections as inspired.
  3. See the movie recommendations that appear and notice if you feel drawn to watch any in particular.
  4. Once you find the movie you feel guided to see, visit the page and see the movie review as well as any audio/video content that is available depending on your subscription level. If needed, use your favorite online streaming service or DVD rental service to obtain the movie.
  5. It is helpful to read the movie review before, during, and after the movie. This will keep the mind focused on the healing content. Keep the movie review page open for reference during the movie so you can refer back to it often. If any upsetting emotions or thoughts arise during the movie, pause the movie immediately and do an Instrument for Peace or Levels of Mind worksheet. Or if you’re watching with a trusted friend, share what’s coming up for you with them!


Again, remember that all upsetting thoughts and feelings are based on interpretations of what seems to be happening on the screen, whether it is the screen of life, or the silver screen. Movies can be used to heal upsets in the mind without having to play out dramas on the screen of life. That’s the miracle, and it’s the only thing you are truly entitled to!

Happy awakening through movie watching!


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slumdog millionaire spiritual moviereview davidhoffmeister

Slumdog Millionaire and A Course in Miracles

Anything perceived as happening in the world need not be judged. You cannot have a better life or a worse life in form. You have no control over the world. The script cannot be changed. The script is the past— it is written. There is great release in knowing this, giving you full permission to be happy. It is really very simple.


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