What do Lucy and Chance have in Common? They Are Trust Movies

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Beloved Characters Lucy & Chance Share Common Characteristics

Lucy and Being There - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

From the very beginning to the end of Being There, the main character remains innocent and childlike. It’s the same state that the main character evolved into in the movie Lucy. They are trust movies. Lucy and Chance seem like very different characters, but they are reflecting the same state of mind; they’re not judging anything. Because they are in such a pure state of mind, judgment is projected onto them, just like it was projected onto Jesus. The practice is to watch where you define yourself, other people or situations as good and bad and then get carried away with the projections as if they’re real.

Neither Chance nor Lucy mince words; they both practice direct communication. Lucy uses scientific language to speak to Professor Norman and Chance uses gardening metaphors to speak to the president. Lucy’s path to awakening is very rapid, 24 hours, and she demonstrates amazing paranormal abilities all through the movie. Chance’s attitude does the teaching. It’s not flashy, but gentle and kind. He’s not doing it over 24 hours; it’s an entire life’s journey of grace.

Following Prompts Builds Trust in Divine Providence

Divine Providence YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Lesson 50 of A Course in Miracles is “I am sustained by the Love of God.” In that lesson Jesus tells us that you believe you are sustained by everything but God in this world. By following the Holy Spirit’s prompts, we begin to trust that we will be divinely provided for in every circumstance.

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