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Slumdog Millionaire and A Course in Miracles

Movie “HER” with David Hoffmeister

“God Friended Me” Tv-Episode Session with Emily Alexander and Jason Warwick

The Lego Movie’s Meaning – The Journey From Littleness to Magnitude

TV Series Being Erica

“The Chosen” Tv-Episode Session

Only an open mind in a state of true humility can receive revelation from God.
Once you experience something that contradicts everything you have ever learned or believed in, that’s the turning point.
"Being Erica" - Tv-Episode Session with Emily Alexander and Jason Warwick
I went inside, into deeper prayer, I saw that really the best way of praising my Creator was to be in alignment with my Creator.
Stop tinkering with effects in the world and follow God’s plan for Salvation and Awakening, dare to trust and follow Spirit, Movie Adjustment Bureau, going all the way with the call for Love, review by David Hoffmeister ACIM
The whole world is a magic trick: enjoy this in-depth explanation by David Hoffmeister. Let the movie “Now You See Me” bring you a spiritual awakening experience!
Read here about a movie with a deep message: Grasp the depth of forgiveness with movie “Revolver” – a mini review of the best spiritual movies with MWGE
Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets Lucy who has short-term memory loss. When Lucy forgets him the very next day, an important journey of maturing and healing starts for Henry.