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Slumdog Millionaire and A Course in Miracles

Movie “HER” with David Hoffmeister

“God Friended Me” Tv-Episode Session with Emily Alexander and Jason Warwick

The Lego Movie’s Meaning – The Journey From Littleness to Magnitude

TV Series Being Erica

“The Chosen” Tv-Episode Session

The movie Don Jon shows the ego’s use of special relationships and the belief that someone else can give us something that we need.
Ideal for the summer holiday: Watch the best spiritual movies with children! Mini review of “Kung Fu Panda 2” recommended to you by the Living Miracles Community
This After Earth trailer offers a spiritual perspective on a powerful movie for transcending fearful thinking by facing one's fears directly. It also deals with themes of undoing the authority problem, and stepping into one's true strength!
The simplicity of salvation is getting into that deep experience of love.
Build confidence in miracle working: trust the Holy Spirit for everything – A spiritual awakening experience with movie “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”
The movie Source Code shows a spiritual awakening experience with quantum physics and Jesus with the best spiritual movies by David Hoffmeister and his book Quantum Forgiveness
You have to go into the core of the mind, you have to go underneath all of the rituals and preconceptions that are held there, to get down to the vibrant core and find the escape route to the light.