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David Hoffmeister ACIM talks about the Celestial speed-up and how to use movie watching to accelerate the awakening experience, flushing up all that blocks awareness of our true nature and identity, leading into Quantum Forgiveness and Peace
God is the Author of Reality. It is like Total Recall: Remembering God. By David Hoffmeister on the Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – A Course in Miracles
Holding onto time has no purpose. It is a no to God. Awakening is a yes to love with the movie Waking Life by Richard Linkletter. Best spiritual movies explained by David Hoffmeister
This "The Matrix Was a Documentary" video was filmed on August 3, 2019 during the Awakening 2 Love Enlightenment Retreat at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, USA.
David Hoffmeister ACIM on the Online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment: Movie “God's Not Dead” Inspires to Extend the Truth – Christian Movies Online
Remember who you are! Review of Movie “Dark City” by David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles. God did not create the world. The world is spun by fear and ego. Release judgment through forgiveness. ACIM and Holy Spirit
You have to go into the core of the mind, you have to go underneath all of the rituals and preconceptions that are held there, to get down to the vibrant core and find the escape route to the light.
The ego’s purpose for time and space is to look for cause-and-effect answers in a linear way, Spirit has to use symbols, Uncover Subconscious Ego Questioning with “Mr. Nobody” – David Hoffmeister on Top Spiritual Movies