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Slumdog Millionaire and A Course in Miracles

Movie “HER” with David Hoffmeister

“God Friended Me” Tv-Episode Session with Emily Alexander and Jason Warwick

The Lego Movie’s Meaning – The Journey From Littleness to Magnitude

TV Series Being Erica

“The Chosen” Tv-Episode Session

These spiritual romance movies can help you overcome your fear of intimacy and open to Love through forgiveness.
This Peaceful Warrior trailer explores the dismantling and disillusionment that can occur when starting on the spiritual awakening journey. When there is spiritual pride and arrogance in the mind, everything is a lesson in humbleness and surrender until living in the present moment replaces the old goals of striving, achieving, and building a self-concept.
Mind Training With Movies. Awakening through forgiveness and collaboration with Mighty Companions. Accepting the Holy spirit as Guide. Reviews of the Movies "Revolver" and "The Truman Show" with David Hoffmeister, Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
Tron is a classic movie about the authority problem: the idea that you can author yourself, instead of accepting that you are perfect as God created you.
The Man Who Knew Too Little is a beautiful movie about true helpfulness.
Best Spiritual Movies for children, David Hoffmeister ACIM, Letting go through the mastery of love and forgiveness, trusting the power of Spirit, undoing guilt, fear and separation, true strength needs no protection. God is strength
Listen to your heart, follow the signs, trust Spirit, allow a spiritual awakening experience, spiritual movie Serendipity, Your Destiny Is Greatness ~ Best Spiritual Movies by David Hoffmeister ACIM A Course in Miracles
Read these mini reviews for the movies "Lucy" and "The Truman Show" of the Top 10 best spiritual movies for awakening with MWGE by David Hoffmeister!