The Island


A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie Review – The Island

Join in Purpose, Metaphysical, Discover True Identity, Injustice, Deception, Perfectionism, Finding Purpose, Join in Purpose, Following, Awakening
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Duration: 90 minutes
Director:Michael Bay
Actors:Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson

The Island Movie Review:

The Island is a powerful metaphysical movie, clearly depicting the steps taken in the process of spiritual awakening from living as a deceived mind, to awakening to the reality that the life you thought you had, was not life at all! The main characters in The Island, Lincoln Six-Echo and Jordan Two-Delta—aka Tom and Sarah—walk this path as they begin to question the world in front of their eyes as being their ultimate reality. The Spirit leads them step-by-step and clue-by-clue to the awareness that they’ve been duped. They are not who they think they are, and their lives have been a sham—even their memories are manufactured.

The Spirit immediately answers the call of the heart to wake up, and provides Sarah and Tom with the necessary means to escape cloneville. Enter James McCord and Albert Laurent, who assist them in discovering the truth about their make-believe world and in finding the escape hatch to the real world. The pair become highly intuitive and recognize the absolute necessity of following the Spirit’s plan as their way out. The journey home will always involve the ego’s temptation to split off and build a false sense of safety in the world. Tom and Sarah resist this temptation as they make the decision to return to The Island and set their brother’s and sister’s free, flicking the “master switch” deep in the mind, which dismantles the illusion entirely and allows the light to pour through. When we free our mind, we free everyone, and everybody joins in the celebration of love and innocence that is our shared homecoming!

The Island metaphysical goodie quotes:

Merrick: What’s troubling you, Lincoln?

Lincoln Six-Echo: It … it’s just … all right, Tuesday night is tofu night, and I’m asking myself, “Who here decided that everyone likes tofu in the first place, and what is tofu anyway?” I wanna know answers.

Lincoln Six-Echo: Jordan, there is no island!

Programming voice: You’re special. You have a very special purpose in life. You’ve been chosen. The Island awaits you.

McCord: The life you thought you had. It never happened. You’re not real. You’re copies of people out here in the world.

Albert Laurent: When did killing become a business for you?

Merrick: Oh, no. It’s so much more than that. I have discovered the holy grail of science. In two years, I can cure children’s leukemia. How many people on earth can say that?

Albert Laurent: I guess just you and God. But that’s the answer you want, isn’t it?

Merrick: You could’ve taken over his life, but you chose to come back here instead, Six-Echo.

Lincoln Six-Echo: My name is Lincoln!

McCord: The life you thought you had … it never happened.

Merrick: What’s troubling, you, Lincoln?

Lincoln Six-Echo: And why can’t I have bacon? I line up every morning, and I’m not allowed any bacon for my breakfast. And … and tell me … let’s talk about all the white. Why is everyone wearing white all the time? It’s impossible to keep clean, I’m walking around, I get … I always get the gray stripe, I never get any color, and I hand it in to be cleaned, and … and someone cleans it and fold it neatly back in my drawer, but who? Who is that person? I don’t know. I just … I wanna know answers and I – and I wish that there was more.

Merrick: More?

Lincoln Six-Echo: Yeah, more than just waiting to go to the island.

Lincoln Six-Echo: What’s God?

McCord: Well, you know, when you want something really bad and you close your eyes and you wish for it? God’s the guy that ignores you.


The Island mini movie with commentary:

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