Very love the messages before watching the movies. Thanks for you dedication to love and forgiveness. 🙏❤️



There are so many things to say about this new way of watching movies, but one of my miracles around my movie watching experience now is the way I perceive the characters. More and more do I see each character with a sense of knowing who they are and the love that I have for them. I literally fall in love with what I see on the screen.


MWGE always feels fresh! I never feel I’m watching a movie twice because the experience is always new, with new insights through the movie commentary or by just reading the movie review. MWGE does offer everything for those who want to wake up with movies and have FUN! 💖


When I think of MWGE, I think of a song from M. W. Smith ” Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, open the eyes of my heart… I want to see You..”, because to me MWGE has been such a beautiful eye-opener over and over again – miraculously and regardless of the initial theme or the setting of the movie, always just fabulous and so very helpful! TY🙌😊


For me, watching movies with commentary is such a deep way to heal my mind. Some movies have been so impactful that I noticed a direct change in the way I perceive situations in my everday life. And I find it a very joyful and relaxing way of sinking deep in the mind without hours of meditation.


This website is amazing! It has everything you need to use movies for Awakening. With practical mind tools, audio and video setups for the movies, and a way of searching for movies based on what themes and emotions are present for you, the Awakening journey can be fun and very inspiring.


I love the experience of watching a movie again that I once had strong negative reactions to and then seeing it in a whole new way.


I’ve been so grateful for MWGE.org ever since I found it and started using it May 3rd, 2014! Has absolutely changed everything for me!!


Watching movies is a fun way to wake up!


I want to reiterate how meaningful MWGE is in that it transforms movies into critical thinking opportunities, and becomes an impactful way to enjoy the stories told through cinema toward spiritual growth.


I love the way this site gives me a TOTALLY different perspective on movies I’ve seen and also shows me lots of new movies that are amazing! Thank you to all who put this together!


I absolutely love MWGE! The movies, reviews and commentaries have helped open, soften and expand my awareness in such a fun and deep way.


This is the Best Website MWGE and explanation of the spirit world I’ve seen, will watch again and learn something more every time, loved it!