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Next Movie Review Emotion/Theme: Time, Purpose, Guidance, Holy Relationship, Collaboration, Magic, Quantum Physics, Fear of Sacrifice, Assignment, Awareness of Dreaming Genre: Action, Fantasy Year: 2007 Duration: 96

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Tron movie


Tron is a classic movie about the authority problem: the idea that you can author yourself, instead of accepting that you are perfect as God created you.

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A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie Review. Source Code

Source Code

A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie Review. Source Code is a beautiful holy relationship love story

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The Island

The Island is a powerful metaphysical movie, clearly depicting the steps taken in the process of spiritual awakening from living as a deceived mind, to awakening to the reality that the life you thought you had, was not life at all!

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Movie Review The Family Man

The Family Man

The movie, “Family Man” is perfect for showing the helpfulness of family for opening up to love and commitment, and putting something other than self-centered goals first.

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50 First Dates Mini Review

Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets Lucy who has short-term memory loss. When Lucy forgets him the very next day, an important journey of maturing and healing starts for Henry.

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