Master Pops

This one-year AUTO-RENEW unlimited subscription plan will give you access to:

  • Written reviews focusing on the mind-healing and metaphysical content of more than 400 movies, with new movie reviews added weekly
  • Audio and video talks included with many of the movie reviews so you can dive deeper into movie scenes and topics that mirror issues in your life
  • An online index to help you select which movie to watch based on what you are ready to heal
  • Precise autofill tools to walk you through the steps of healing upsets that come up while watching movies. With practice, use of these tools will help you move swiftly to a state of present peace whenever you are reacting to what's on the movie screen or the screen of your real life.
  • A growing library of mini-movies, full size movies with commentary and movie clips focusing on the healing content of some of Hollywood's deepest metaphysical movies

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Duration: 1 year
Price: $129.00