With the Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News, keep up with the latest happenings each month with the Best Spiritual Movies for your Spiritual Awakening Experience. This month's featured movie is No Reservations, a classic parable of transcending fear, control and pride through relationships.

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Transcending Control Through Relationships


No Reservations with David - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

"Kate has been hurt, she is closed and one of her main defenses for remaining closed is control—wanting to control the environment, wanting to control whatever she can in the world to keep a distance from love. That's what is so great about this movie. She is going to be given a lot of opportunities to open her heart up and to trust and to love."

David Hoffmeister

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No Reservations Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsControl is impossible. The illusion of it blocks the awareness of love. A young, stubborn head chef is caught up in her work as a defense against the present moment. The Spirit must work miracles by restructuring her environment and sending her a child and sous chef to open her heart.

What the ego views as disaster, the Spirit interprets as an opportunity to open to an experience of joy. Competition perpetuates fear and leads to isolation, but a willingness to see that we are all joined in this together opens the mind to heartwarming collaborative ventures.

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No Reservations Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsUnderneath the desire to control is the belief that you can change the world. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles you have no control over the world you made. Healing is about cleaning the filter of the mind. It’s a dark filter that observes this world through the ego’s lens. The outcomes of clearing the lens are peace of mind, joy and happiness; they are not tied to any external result.

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No Reservations After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsYou could see the progression of trust required for Kate to overcome her fear and control issues. That’s what's meant by a retranslation of perception. The Holy Spirit doesn’t destroy what the ego made; the Holy Spirit uses what the ego made to take the mind higher in consciousness. By the end of the movie, she is able to share ownership of a restaurant, symbolizing the washing of her pride, possessiveness and even her imagined superiority tied into being a master chef.

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YouTube: An Invitation to Perfect Trust

Let Go of Control YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

In this YouTube, David talks about living a life of trust and perfect joy. A recognition that we have no control over the world allows us to open up to our internal guidance and to ease into a life where all things become involuntary. 

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David Hoffmeister followed the path of the four Ms for awakening: meditation, music, miracles, and movies. Says David: “How do you share the deep message of A Course in Miracles with the world when the world isn’t necessarily into metaphysics or theologies? No wonder Jesus used parables to teach two thousand years ago. There weren’t even words invented for concepts like 'ego' or 'defense mechanisms.' Freud hadn’t come along yet with these subtle aspects of the unconscious mind. Jesus simply used parables and said: 'For those who have ears to hear let them hear. For those who have the eyes to see let them see.' The movies highlighted in MWGE are our modern-day parables. This is our modern-day discourse. People talk about the movies like they used to talk in parables back in the day of Jesus. We’ve got all the ingredients now to go for a comprehensive awakening on the planet.”

Two of the planet's first metaphysical movies are You Can’t Take It With You (1938) with Jimmy Stuart and Lionel Barrymore and The Razor’s Edge (1946) with Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney. Both of these must-see metaphysical classics are reviewed in MWGE. 

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