The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Faith   |   Following   |   Guidance   |   Inspiration   |   Purpose   |   Trust
Be faithful unto the Lord, Thy God. Hold no idols or graven images before Him.
LENGTH: 220 min.
YEAR: 1956

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2 months ago

Hilarious! Whenever he has a “message from God” his beard lengthened, at the end his beard is all white and curly. God told him not to kill, but “God” himself killed by drowning those who were after them, and he think God created the fake world, so he will kill all people. Especially when they haven’t had time to know the commandments, and they are told that they will be punished for not following them. It is as if someone will sit down on an ottoman and be told again that he is a fisherman because it is for the feet and that misfortune will fall down on him and without even knowing it will see his death. It is a great lesson that he will not forget! …Or rather that they will never have had the time to learn… Thanks for forgiveness!!! …And to the fact that the law of love is the only law. One of the best comedy.

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