The Family Man

The Family Man

Faith   |   Fame   |   Family   |   Marriage   |   Money   |   Pride   |   Superiority   |   Transcending Roles   |   Workaholism
Jack Campbell is a wealthy, autonomous, fast-lane investment broker who believes he is living the high life.
LENGTH: 125 min.
YEAR: 2000
Brett Ratner

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11 months ago

What a gem!! So many insights… What this movie and commentary is pointing me to is to open my heart and mind to Spirit even more and accept/admit that I have a perceptual problem. What I ‘see’ through the human eyes is NOT the Truth! And I certainly cannot rely on my own thinking, it is all wrong! This movie highlighted the hero’s awakening journey as well… meaning that yes, I have to admit it was a shock to realise that what I am is not what I thought I was and the world is not real loll! That was a big pill to digest at the time… and how now I am humbled to have followed the calling of my heart to know Peace. It also highlighted so clearly that the world is a projection of my mind, I made it all up, in my mind, I am the dreamer of the dream and not a character in the dream… It has come up a lot lately that my only function is forgiveness… God’s got a bigger plan for me so ride the wave, use the world as my classroom, keep my eyes on God… I do not know what anything means but God knows. Keep my eyes on God and stop resisting what is and keep connected deeper and deeper with Holy Spirit. Thank you David for all the inspired comments… they are always so helpful! Thank you Jesus for all your Divine intervention!


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