Still Alice

Still Alice

The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world
LENGTH: 101 min.
YEAR: 2014

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2 years ago

My biggest fear is not remembering ACIM if I have to reincarnate to finish it, and I admit that sometimes I have difficulty staying focused / memorizing because of the technologies we have such as calculator, etc. So that helped me.I thought it was funny when her daughter asked her what she had read but she knows she has exzheimer’s disease. And also when his family worried about his illness instead of his recovery.

2 years ago

This movie was quite moving for me. As I watched it, I became increasingly aware of my terror about losing my memories, identity in the world, and ability to ‘function.’ When I watched her at the end with her daughter, there is something poignant about her innocence and openness since she has no identity left to hold onto in the world. However, I imagine that being so scary and disoridenting and I could feel my terror about feeling that helpless.

I relate to the main character’s disorientation as the world she knew slipped away. She was desperately trying to grasp all of her old identities and roles, but they were no longer working. I relate to this because I am watching many of my old roles slip away, and I am feeling lost, freightened, and ungrounded from it.

I was also moved by the love. As she was experiencing her undoing, it seemed that her relationships became more real, and there was less pretense. For example, the moment when Anna asked her “what is it like?” I could see the power of the deeper joining and the masks of superficiality and roles coming off. This was a contrast to the way the family was relating in the beginning of the movie at the dinner party!!

Wow, what a powerful movie!! Thank you for this <3


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