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This is a beautiful holy relationship love story.
LENGTH: 93 min.
YEAR: 2011
Duncan Jones

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Jonathan Pannetier
2 years ago

What an experience!
I can’t watch a movie without a commentary from the Spirit anymore. There is deep meaning everywhere. And miracles happened when Spirit tell you where to look.

I can understand better the ideas from ACIM with visual situation and “practice” from “others” (in the movies).

This commentary from the Spirit going through David hit me deeply (sorry if it’s not exactly as it was say):

“There aren’t really places. 
They’re just reflections of what we believe to be places.
We are not really in a place because we are mind, we are consciousness. 
We just kind flick the channel and seems to go, move to from place to place but we are not really in the places. Places are just a representation of our thoughts and our believes that we are holding on.”

My mind started to blow. It makes totally sense. Miracle happened here just with this part. Thank you.

I love it. Thank you for this movie which helped me a lot.
Thank you team for making this possible!

Love <3


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