Awakening   |   Defenselessness   |   Dropping the Mask   |   MIND TRAINING   |   Money   |   Pride   |   Purpose   |   Superiority
After seven years of solitary confinement, gambler Jake Green is out of jail, having taken the fall for his boss. Doing time has taken him...
LENGTH: 115 min.
YEAR: 2005
Guy Ritchie

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2 years ago

If I understand correctly … the guy has only 3 days left to live because of an illness and he gives all his money to not get killed by the bad guys, and also to work for his bodyguards. Is it me who misunderstood or is it just not logical? Because normally we get paid to work lol.

2 years ago
Reply to  Samuel

Hi Samuel! At first it does seem illogical, but this is a great movie for unwinding from the self concept. Jake (the main character) is very wound in to the role of getting revenge, and making a lot of money at the expense of his enemies. The ego wants him to pursue this game until death. So when these bodyguards step in (the Holy Spirit characters) they want to help him unwind from the whole game, but a big part of this is learning to trust, and for Jake this seems to take the form of working for a “higher power” and giving his time and money to a greater plan, the opposite of what the ego wants. In the end we see it was all for the ultimate release from the ego’s game into true freedom from the world. 🌟

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