Communication   |   Deception   |   Family   |   The Script is Written   |   Time   |   Trust   |   Victimization
The willingness to communicate attracts communication, even across and beyond the barriers of time.
LENGTH: 118 min.
YEAR: 2000
Gregory Hoblit

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Danielle Jordan (@danielle-jordan)
4 months ago

It would be wonderful to have an option of searching clips as I think the old website had. Would this be possible to implement? Thank you!

MWGE Admin (@miracle-worker)
4 months ago

Thanks Danielle! Yes we would love to bring our clips back. With our new site updates we’re keeping things simple, and as we get more comfortable with the new setup we’ll expand our offerings. Blessings!

Veronika Simonovska (@veronika-simonovska)
3 months ago

When choosing “has full movie” these two movies are not in the list: Oblivion and Frequency.

MWGE Admin (@miracle-worker)
3 months ago

Thanks Veronica, we’ve added them now 😊

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