Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

Family   |   Fear   |   Inspiration   |   Mighty companions   |   Unworthiness
The movie is set in a preparatory school for boys, steeped in discipline and tradition. The transformation of the boys in Keating’s class is a...
LENGTH: 128 min.
YEAR: 1989
Peter Weir

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Pilar Dominguez
2 years ago

Good morning, yesterday I tried watching Dead Poets Society and it only has some parts of the movie and when they stop the movie for David’s comments, there is David talking to a guy, like counseling him.


2 years ago

Hi Pilar, thanks for writing! This is one of our many mini-movies, which have been specially edited to focus on a healing topic; in this case, worthiness and mighty companions. You’ll find we’ve done this with some of our other movies too when there’s a valuable teaching to share, but not necessarily a whole movie session. If we ever film a full-length movie session with teachings for any of our films we’ll be sure to share them. Blessings!

2 years ago

Thanks so much for this mini movie. Mostly I was so touched by David counseling the young guy. Lots of Love💖🙏


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