Black Mirror USS Callister

Black Mirror USS Callister

This episode has the authority problem as its central theme.
LENGTH: 76 min.
YEAR: 2017
Toby Haynes

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3 years ago

I watched this and wanted to comment on the parallel between the entrapment on the Callister star ship and the office ‘reality’.

The characters interpersonal interactions mirror the subconscious heaviness of the entrapped characters in the Callister enterprise starship.

The lack of empathy and the monotonous office interactions are mere loops devoid of real authenticity.

I was not sure which parallel was more free… the Callister crew whom were aware of they fate and the ability to make peace with the adaptation after knowing the truth and rising out of oppression of the ego the ‘Captain’ and his overly cruel passive aggressive tendencies. Or the blissful office ‘reality’ still moving in time and space with a narrow self serving perspective. Blissfully unaware of the emptiness and void of each passing moment.

This Black Mirror can reveal the nature of perspective in both virtual and face to face interaction which are equally meaningless and part of the illusion that enforces the separation.

The ACIM enlightenment progress and steps allows the Holy Spirit to inform sight and sensory perception that is of Devine Intelligence, which is the method to practical demonstrations. It seems the Callister crew of the starship after overthrowing the ego Captain, became able to pursue caring for each other as Christ would have guided Apostles in Rome after crucifix. My reflection is of the observers whom lived and knew Christ lived and his salvation, was atonement. There is no going back once the Holy Spirit puts ACIM and community in your life.

The genie can not be put back in the bottle.

The office ‘reality’ means the intention of the ego the play out the death wish is a ever present threat to peace of mind and inner connections with the sonship.

Thanks for opportunity to debrief and share reflections.

This helps to review past lessons. Think of the action orientation of miracles that inform new ways of working in Christ’s name.

Where sin abounds, Grace abounds More!!!!


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