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James accepts a cargo delivery job from Mexico to the US, only to discover his "cargo" is two young women in need of help.
Cage’s initial resistance to stepping into his new function is high, because he has no idea of his potential or that he is the savior of the world.
Season 8, Episode 15 Thank God there is a plan of such magnitude and perfection where nothing is out of place and everything is working together for good, no exceptions. This is the healed perspective and this is what our minds open to as we practice forgiveness and keep stepping into our function as miracle workers.
Ultimately, everyone must come to the realization that there is nothing in form—no person, place or thing—that will make us feel complete and whole. Seeking completion in this world is a fruitless search.
This is a true story about the courage to be oneself, to follow the inner guide despite initial reflections of doubt and fear.
Just like Phil in “Groundhog Day,” Sam keeps reliving the same day over and over....
The game of the ego is to make us think we need something from the outside to fulfill us.
Nobody is ever directly upset by people or events. It is only an interpretation that gives rise to upset.
Love is inevitable! You cannot mess things up ultimately since all things work together for good.
Within all of us there is a deep yearning to answer the call that defies....
This is a mind watcher movie that offers the forgiving lesson that it is impossible to fix characters or past memories.
The ego is a getting mechanism; it gives to get. True giving is of the Spirit. Relationships can be used by the Spirit to open us up to an experience of unconditional love.
Even Tolstoy was not always a good Tolstoyan.
As we come closer to the remembrance that we are only light and love, we feel vibrant and alive.




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Awakening Classic
Movies that inspire and bless and address a particular topic in a deep or thorough way.

Movies that deal with the fundamental nature of reality beyond the world and the world of bodies.These movies clearly illustrate the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles or can help bring to light false concepts of time, space, identity and matter.

Movies used to flush up specific negative emotions aroused by the movie so that limiting beliefs in the mind can be uncovered and healed using the MWGE mind tools.

Movies about those who clearly demonstrate one of more of the following characteristics: trust, honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenseless-ness, generosity, patience, faithfulness and open-mindedness.