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This documentary can be used for looking at body thoughts and personal identity. It exposes the belief in being female and the actress self-concept.
Homer is uninspired at the prospect of becoming a miner like most other men in the small town of Coalwood, W.V.
Having worked hard to create the perfect self-image and the perfect life, it is hard to accept that it is not at all what it seems.
This is a deep mind-watcher movie that graphically portrays ideas of justice and injustice.
Identity and self-concept disguise who we truly are. Sometimes confusion arises and a belief in changing the external: the body, form, or gender is thought to be a solution to the amnesia of this dream world.
After carelessly wishing away her baby brother (her inheritance as the Son of God), Sarah finds herself embarking on a quest to regain what she has lost.
Our true identity as the Son of God has been forgotten. Rather than hurling you....
Commitment, focus, and integrity are key requirements for waking up from the dream.
A workaholic and an emotional people-pleaser each need a Holy Spirit switcheroo to open them up to their hearts’ desire.
Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle. T-1.I.3.
We never “win” love through deception. The main character tries vainly to win over the....
No amount of planning can guarantee safety or a happy outcome in form.
And while you see your brother as a body, apart from you and separate in his cell, you are demanding sacrifice of him and you