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Our capacity for learning is enormous. If we are eager and open, learning can take us higher and higher in consciousness.
The Rizzo family has a closet full of secrets.
Here we have yet another parable of awakening from the amnesia
We need our brothers. The ego’s deep commitment to remaining separate is healed through joining and interacting with others. When we turn in this direction, things can at first seem disorienting and upsetting, but with determination and perseverance, we begin to experience shifts in the mind as our hearts begin to open and we face our deep fear of intimacy.
This film provides a great opportunity to see beyond the virtual reality made up by the ego.
Who is it that is in need of healing? Lawyer, heal thyself, for thus are you helped.
An exploration of the links between spirituality and science as it continues to follow Amanda in her search to experience the true nature of reality.
This is a brilliant movie about a young man who meets an unlikely spiritual guide and goes through a rapid awakening
With the unified power of desire, time cannot keep us from a Union of Love.
A parable about being given a kingdom, then being tempted to look outside of your kingdom
This movie shows the way the Spirit can work with the mind that believes salvation lies in ambition and success.
Those who are destined to meet will meet. The script is written and there is nothing we can do to change that. Our struggles and upsets arise when we think we can control what plays out in the world of form.
What you most despise about yourself must come to the surface. The perfect mirror appears, and the opportunity for healing unconscious hurts is present, though not always recognized as such.
This movie begins with its main character having much pride and arrogance around his role as sous-chef in a high quality kitchen.
Physical appearances cannot veil a kind, loving, and innocent heart.



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Awakening Classic
Movies that inspire and bless and address a particular topic in a deep or thorough way.

Movies that deal with the fundamental nature of reality beyond the world and the world of bodies.These movies clearly illustrate the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles or can help bring to light false concepts of time, space, identity and matter.

Movies used to flush up specific negative emotions aroused by the movie so that limiting beliefs in the mind can be uncovered and healed using the MWGE mind tools.

Movies about those who clearly demonstrate one of more of the following characteristics: trust, honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenseless-ness, generosity, patience, faithfulness and open-mindedness.