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Though a deceptive situation may be set up for monetary gains, God hears the prayer....
This movie is about healing past associations through collaboration.
This is a powerful film demonstrating how essential it is to follow the Spirit’s plan....
“Once upon a time he was a king. But one day he left his kingdom....
Have you had enough of the game yet? You entered it voluntarily, although you are not sure when it began.
There is a thirst for completion in special relationships, but it cannot be found in bodies, so love turns to hate.
And while you see your brother as a body, apart from you and separate in his cell, you are demanding sacrifice of him and you
Inspired by scripture, this movie imagines one year in the childhood of Jesus.
Being caught up in the letter of the law and seeing the system as outside, or external, is a way of maintaining the world and its limiting belief system, as it is.
The authentic spiritual journey is through the darkness to the light.
At last the purpose of “space travel” is questioned: “Where is there to go?”
Vianne is a free spirit, moved by the mysterious north winds to be in the right place at the right time.
A fantastic 'contrast' movie to be shown how deluded the sleeping mind is - believing in and seeming to play out misuse of the mind's power.
Having worked hard to create the perfect self-image and the perfect life, it is hard to accept that it is not at all what it seems.




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Awakening Classic
Movies that inspire and bless and address a particular topic in a deep or thorough way.

Movies that deal with the fundamental nature of reality beyond the world and the world of bodies.These movies clearly illustrate the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles or can help bring to light false concepts of time, space, identity and matter.

Movies used to flush up specific negative emotions aroused by the movie so that limiting beliefs in the mind can be uncovered and healed using the MWGE mind tools.

Movies about those who clearly demonstrate one of more of the following characteristics: trust, honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenseless-ness, generosity, patience, faithfulness and open-mindedness.