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This month’s featured movie is X-Men: Days of Future Past, a classic enlightenment movie for recognizing spiritual awakening signs and overcoming spiritual awakening symptoms by going to the core of a grievance and to heal it through forgiveness!

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This Movie is a Big Tweak in the Mind!


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“This movie is about perceiving destruction and conflict and realizing that we have to go much deeper to find the solution. It is not going to be a ‘good guys beat the bad guys’ solution. It is going to be about moving inward in consciousness, beyond the projection of time and space, to wherever there has been a breach or a grievance in the mind.”

David Hoffmeister

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X:Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsIn this awakening movie, the higher Self orchestrates a great healing through forgiveness. Wolverine is chosen to heal the destruction of the world by returning to the 70s on a mission of forgiveness to find the core grievance and heal it. Great love and compassion from the higher Self heals the personal anger and animosity between arch enemies, bringing them to harmony and union. In this unification, perception is healed, time is transcended, and the (future) world is saved.

Wolverine’s journey is an allegory of our own spiritual journey. Each of us is called on a journey of awakening. To heal our perception of conflict and destruction we must go on a mission of forgiveness beyond the projection of time and space. We must go back in our mind to forgive the core grievance in our heart, to forgive our self for believing we could pull apart from God, adopt the ego belief system, and project a world of hateful external enemies. The enemy is not external. We have to see that the murderer, the ego, is within, projecting the external enemies.


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X-Men Days of Future Past Before Movie Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThis movie illustrates a spiritual journey that involves going back in time. The purpose of the journey is to find the core grievance and let it be healed. When the grievance is healed in forgiveness, all future scenarios of conflict and destruction are also healed. It is not that they have been prevented in time; it is that we have come to the realization that there was no time in which they could have existed. In the Happy Dream, everything is resolved. It becomes harmonious and then disappears.


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The whole point of the mission was to prevent the attack, but Charles finally realized he couldn’t control the outcome. He said to Raven, “I have faith in you.” And that is what Jesus is telling us, “I have faith in you. You will make the same decision that I made, to remember Heaven and go back to God.” Time and all the effects of time will be gone when we make that decision. This is a great illustration of the core lesson in life, which is to forgive. It ends the future! This is Quantum Forgiveness. It can undo all of history. It can undo Adam and Eve. It can undo Hitler. It can undo anything in our seeming personal history where we feel we were mistreated. It can undo everything! What an adventure!


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YouTube: Don’t Project the Error to Time and People

Error of Time YouTube

“Do not project this fear to time, for time is not the enemy that you perceive.” T-26.VIII.3.6. This quote from A Course in Miracles is profound, reminding us that the ego does not exist within the dream of time, nor within any of the dream characters. When we perceive ego beliefs within other people, it is merely an attempt to project the problem to where it is not. The ego exists solely as a false idea in the mind, and can be corrected only there. Acceptance of this truth allows for the miracle to dawn in perception, showing the mind that what it thought was true was not. Only Love is real.


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What is a Quantum Forgiveness Movie?

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X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of seven movies featured in the new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus. What is a quantum forgiveness movie? In this world we like to follow the plot, to think we know what is happening, what is coming next. But these great quantum movies are like spiritual experiences. They start to dismantle the world as we know it, and we find ourselves knowing less and less about what is happening. We do not have to know; there is a Presence behind all this that knows what It is doing. Instead of feeling nervous when things start to dismantle and fall apart, we can accept that we personally do not know, and see it as a good thing.

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