Transcendence: A Movie for Seeing Your Own Fear of a Higher Love

This month’s featured movie is Transcendence, a best spiritual awakening movie for seeing the fear of a higher love.

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A Movie for Seeing 

Your Own Fear of a Higher Love


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“The fear of A.I. (artificial intelligence) in this movie is really the ego’s fear of God’s love, the fear of divine intelligence that is beyond human comprehension…And it’s only the ego that fears it’s losing something, something higher is taking over, something higher is taking control. So just watch your emotions as you go through this movie, watch your own fear of something transcendent, your own fear of a higher love.”

David Hoffmeister

     Movie Review

transcendence movie reviewThe desire of Evelyn’s heart is to heal and change the world. Her husband, Will, desires to understand the nature of the mind and is a leading scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (A.I.). When Will is poisoned by anti-technology extremists, he and Evelyn stay joined in mind and purpose, transcending the need for Will to be in a body. As Will’s consciousness expands far beyond the limited perception and abilities that he had as a human being, most of their friends and colleagues quickly become afraid of his growing power, and they immediately project their own fears and doubts onto his motives.

     Audio Setup

transcendence audio setupHere is an audio discussion to begin listening to before the movie. Only the ego fears the transcendent experience of being taken over by something higher (A.I. or Spirit or God’s Love). Yet complete trust settles every problem. You can see that everything that happens in this movie is a reflection of mind. Watch the tendency to form alliances on the human level in fearful reaction to the presence of God’s Love. Fear sees something devious happening. Only the ego fears the loss of private thoughts. Yet forgiving them brings salvation. We don’t know that there is only Love. Transcended, Will Caster speaks to Evelyn with true empathy. Those who see the world has nothing they want can follow the call. Doubt thoughts, like, “Run from this,” may arise in the face of miracles. But rather than run, you can let the world go, transcend duality and attain true peace of mind.


     Bonus Material

Transcendence Bonus Talk

YouTube Talk: In Competition With God

In A Course in Miracles Jesus teaches: “A meaningless world engenders fear.” When the world is a clean slate, the Holy Spirit comes in with a new meaning for the world, the real world, the happy dream. This frightens the ego, so it rushes in to put its own meaning on everything. The fear comes because the mind thinks it is in competition with God. The ego wants to be right about inventing itself and inventing the world. In This session, David Hoffmeister, Kirsten Buxton and Frances Xu remind us to face the utter fear of meaninglessness and let it move through. We do not need to try to solve it, or try to find out about what we are afraid of. True empathy is the solution.

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