The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review – Leaping out of Littleness

This month’s featured movies are those with the theme of “taking the leap” past perceived limitations and into our natural state of being done through by Spirit.

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Leaping Out of Littleness! 


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie

“Awakening is taking many leaps of faith and having many, many miracles to lighten our heart and show us that it really is possible to live a life with Spirit.”

David Hoffmeister

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     MWGE The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThis is a fantastic awakening movie about taking the leap and soaring in Purpose. The rewards of faith are spiritual, and with every leap of faith comes an expansion of self. You are so much more than you could ever dream yourself to be! Your part is absolutely essential in the plan, and all of heaven is awaiting your “yes.” The Spirit will show the way with signs and clues and you will literally be carried by Grace to ensure you make it to your Destination. It may not always be experienced as “graceful,” however, there is never a moment when the way isn’t shown, when you have the eyes to see and the courage to keep leaping! The spiritual journey shifts from an experience of seeing missed opportunities and regrets, to soaring with the mighty wings of an eagle, seeing how incredibly all things keep working together for good, for you!

    More Taking the Leap Movies

Grace Unplugged - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Emotions/Themes: Purpose, Family, Dropping the Mask, Fear, Forgiveness, Dare to Take Step, Trust, Compromise, Fear of Sacrifice, Letting Go of Control

Excerpt: The road to God is filled with inspiration, collaboration, joy, and miracles. Without this Purpose, whatever is sought after will be experienced as empty, because all roadways of this world lead to death and away from God. Fear of change and loss results in the attempt to control the external form, control others, and control the world around us. All things work together for good, and changes are always helpful for expanding the mind beyond the familiar, limited self-concept.

Kiss the Sky - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Emotions/Themes: Depression, Dare to Take Step, Purpose, Letting Go of Specialness, Sex, Vibrational Connection, Transcending Roles, Dropping the Mask, Forgiveness

Excerpt: Jeff and Marty are finding themselves tied down with wives, mortgages, prescription meds, ungrateful children and uninspiring jobs. Seeing how locked into the reciprocal ways of the world they are, they start to recall a time and place in the 1970s when they were happy and free. If they are going to make a leap for freedom, they have to do it now! Ultimately, everyone must come to the realization that there is nothing in form—no person, place or thing—that will make us feel complete and whole.

Leaving Normal - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Emotions/Themes: Unworthiness, Dropping the Mask, Dare to Take Step, Purpose, Guidance, Trust, Signs and Symbols, Abandonment, Mighty Companions, Divine Providence

Excerpt: Leaving Normal shows a journey of trust and letting go of the past; taking off on a trip and letting it unfold, learning and growing from relationships and encounters along the road. Our two main characters are so open to guidance that they hold open a map and go where the bird droppings land on it! This is a movie about forgiveness and letting go of deep inner pain, guilt, and expectations.

    Bonus Material

An Exercise: Trust Walk with Indiana Jones

Leap of Faith Video - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Reminding yourself of the miracles that you have had is a very helpful way to reinforce the truth in your mind. Watch this clip from Indiana Jones and then sit quietly and recall a time when you were guided to take a “leap of faith.” Once you have your “leap of faith” situation in mind, answer the questions here. This exercise is from The Doorway, an online self-study program to deepen in your experience of A Course in Miracles through movies with commentary, movie clips, audio and video talks, journaling and more!

 YouTube: Release the Doer & Be Done Through

Taking the Leap YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Any seeming accomplishment in the world is never a lasting or fulfilling experience. Once you begin to see the valuelessness of the world, you may come to an experience of disillusionment, which is the leaping off point. 

When you let go and trust guidance, you begin to feel a sense of ease that everything is being done through you rather than being done by you. Rather than struggling and straining, you fall into the natural rhythm and flow of life, which is effortless.

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The original Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Lift Out of the Human Trance of Time
By Using Movies for Mind Training

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A Course in Miracles says that everything we think about is in the past. When you go to watch a movie in the cinema, you’re watching something that’s already been produced. The movie’s over. They’re not making the movie while you watch it. They’ve already made the movie. It’s in the can. Now, it’s digital. It’s in the memory, but you’re reacting to it as if it’s happening right now. 

That’s exactly what’s happening in the mind. The movies are just reflecting back to us that we’ve forgotten who we really are and we’re caught up in the past. We’re replaying and rehashing the separation over and over. It’s very hypnotic. It’s like a trance. We’re caught in a human trance and we need some really good training from a master to lift us out of it. The more you realize what’s happening the more it becomes obvious that what Jesus calls mind training in A Course in Miracles should become your top priority.

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