50 First Dates Movie Review

This month’s featured movie review is the 50 First Dates movie review, a classic enlightenment movie for recognizing spiritual awakening signs and overcoming spiritual awakening symptoms by expanding perception.

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A Classic for Expanding Perception

50 First Dates Mini with David - A Best Spiritual Awakening Movie

Fifty First Dates is an amazing movie for showing that nothing is taken away on this spiritual journey. Our perception just gets more expansive, more all-inclusive. It’s a love for everyone and everything, and only the Spirit can take us there.”

David Hoffmeister

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     MWGE 50 First Dates Movie Review

50 First Dates Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsHenry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets Lucy who has short-term memory loss. When Lucy forgets him the very next day, an important journey of maturing and healing starts for Henry. The movie addresses the need of the human condition to “protect” one another from the truth in the name of compassion. It shows that in the end, direct communication is the fast track home to God. It is symbolic of the return home to God from the belief in separation. Using mind training and mighty companions, there is a way to experience freedom from concepts—enlightenment!

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50 First Dates Before Movie Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsIn this movie, Lucy has a traumatic automobile accident, blanks out and pushes the accident out of her awareness. The accident parallels the experience of being in this world. The happy child of God has a traumatic accident called separation and the separation is pushed out of awareness and into the subconscious mind.

Lucy’s defense mechanism is a day that repeats over and over, and Henry is sent in to help her break through her memory problem. This movie is an amazing demonstration of the Spirit’s use of memory with great patience and determination to gently raise the trauma back into awareness so it can be healed.


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50 First Dates After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsAfter discovering her memory problem, Lucy moves out of her father’s home and erases Henry from her memory because she doesn’t want to be a burden on them. But the purpose of this whole world, this whole dream, is to fall madly, deeply in love every single day. To fight against that deep experience shows how strong the idea of sacrifice is and how twisted and distorted the goals of the world are. By the end of the movie, you get to experience the vastness of Lucy’s mind and the experience of meeting everyone as if for the first time. It’s the happy dream!


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50 First Dates Movie Review

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