Living Miracles Community

Since the early 1990s, students of A Course in Miracles have felt drawn to David Hoffmeister for his profound love and devotion to truth. Over the years, a community has organically grown around him consisting of those who wished to follow his example of pure devotion to God and selfless love. This community has come to be known as the Living Miracles community, and is now comprised of a thriving global internet ministry with physical centers in Utah, Mexico and Spain.

David Hoffmeister and our Living Miracles community collaborate to offer profound resources and transformational tools for remembering God’s Love. We also offer spiritual retreats, gatherings, ACIM online programs, spiritual counseling, and other forms of community support to help you undo the ego and experience the Truth of who you really are.  

Scroll down to learn about some of the resources and programs we offer, or visit our main Living Miracles website at The miracle of forgiveness is our shared purpose and we welcome you with open arms!


Living Miracles Community Resources and Programs

Who is Jesus? Practice and live the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ assisted by online courses, online retreats, and an online Tribe of Christ community.

Mystery School & Prayer Stays – La Casa de Milagros

Come stay with others devoted to Awakening. Our Mexico property, “La Casa de Milagros,”  offers an opportunity to live with others who feel devoted to the teachings of David Hoffmeister and A Course in Miracles.  To learn more about our prayer stays and mystery school opportunities, visit our website and find out more here.

Monthly On-line Retreats

Join us online! Experience the same intimacy, connection, and engagement as you would during an in-person retreat—from the comfort of your own home. Our online ACIM retreats feature heart-opening teaching sessions, movies, video clips, live music, and more! Learn more here.

The Doorway

Self-Study Online Courses to Deepen Your Experience of A Course in Miracles These ACIM-inspired courses provide you with a multi-media platform including: deep teachings, awakening movie sessions, inspired music and insightful assignments for an in-depth understanding and experience of what the Course is pointing us to -God’s Will for you is perfect happiness! Learn more here.

Prayer & Support Calls

Living Miracles Ministers are available by appointment for one-on-one Prayer and Support calls. Experience the ability to work through obstacles of fear, doubt, stress, anxiety, worry, and unforgiving thoughts as we join together with the Holy Spirit. Learn more here.

Unwind Your Mind 30-Day Experience

A 30-day detox for your mind! And it’s FREE! Each Monday a new theme will be given. It could be money, addictions (yes we all have them!), how to truly communicate, or even… drumroll… sex! Yes all the things we deal with (or don’t!) in our everyday life!

Each week you will receive an inspired teaching, inspirational movie clip and review, and David Hoffmeister’s “Video of the Week.” You will also receive Miracle Messages to keep our invisible hands of light held as we make this inner shift together. Learn more here!


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