The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment Supplemental Awakening links are highly recommended websites to further help you with your Spiritual Awakening Symptoms. They include information about ACIM online programs, events, and a variety of audio/video resources. Also, to learn about our Tabula Rasa Mystery School, please visit








Mystical Mind Training (MMT) - For going deeper in the practical application of A Course in Miracles



ACIM Online Bookstore - ACIM-related books and other resources featuring the deep teachings of David Hoffmeister. In these materials, David and students discuss A Course in Miracles themes to delve deeper into the mind and apply ACIM lessons to all aspects of life.


acimme - Profound teachings of David Hoffmeister, expert teacher of A Course in Miracles, on many topics including money spirituality and consciousness. Based on his teachings around the globe, David shares about the non-compromising and practical application of ACIM, and how this is used to bring about a consistently peaceful and joyful state of mind.








ACIM Online Video - ACIM transformational videos with David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles. Join David Hoffmeister for inspiring videos that open the mind and heart. With deep spiritual teachings on many themes, this is a practical site to support the miracle of forgiveness and ACIM healing. David extends these deep teachings from the Awakened Mind.



Living Miracles Center - For additional resources to support the awakening process visit David Hoffmeister ACIM and the Living Miracles Community


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Foundation for the Awakening Mind - A foundation dedicated to enlightenment and the awakening mind. Provides A Course in Miracles resources in support of awakening to the truth of Who we are.




  - A portal rich with non-dual and A Course in Miracles teachings.


A Course in Miracles Audios

A Course in Miracles Audios - Our comprehensive audio website,, gives you instant and free access to a huge MP3 collection of David Hoffmeister’s gatherings!






David - David teaches from the Awakened Mind, and is a living demonstration of the deep mystical teachings of Jesus. This site freely offers some of David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles most profound teachings through videos, audios and written materials. David has traveled extensively throughout the world for more than two decades to extend the message of Love and invites you into the miraculous journey of awakening.





Living Miracles TV - For more video resources from the Living Miracles Center









Living Miracles Studio - For music from the Living Miracles Center








Teacher of Teachers - For advanced teachings from A Course in Miracles








David's YouTube Channel - For hundreds of video talks featuring David Hoffmeister, a living demonstration of applying the principles of A Course in Miracles


Foundation for Inner Peace - Publishers of A Course in Miracles