Levels of Mind

Any time you are experiencing negative emotions such as sadness, anger or anxiety, it’s never because of something you’re seeing or hearing that’s outside of you. 

Negative emotions are always the result of the limiting thoughts and beliefs being held in your mind.

The process of getting in touch with negative thoughts and beliefs is especially difficult when you’re experiencing intense emotions. In these moments of intensity, the Levels of Mind/Instrument for Peace process walks you step-by-step back to the thoughts and beliefs in your mind that are generating the upset. Once you identify the thoughts and beliefs, you are in the best position to let the upset go.

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"Once you begin to understand how your mind works, the mystery goes away. You realize you are doing this to yourself and you can stop. So for our discussion I have drawn a map of the ego mind. The Levels of Mind worksheet is a practical tool for you to use."
David Hoffmeister
Mystic, teacher

Levels of Mind is a unique process designed by David Hoffmeister that offers a visual diagram to help you access the levels in the mind that determine perception, so you can choose a different experience. As soon as you learn how things work in the mind, you have the tools to undo the ego completely. You will know of your mind training “success” by the peace you feel.

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Levels of Mind Introduction

Levels of Mind Form with Instructions:

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What is the Present Upset I’m Feeling? 

This list can help you dial in to the precise upset in the mind when completing the  Levels of Mind Worksheet. The more specific you can be about the feelings that are arising during a movie, the greater likelihood that you’ll be able to identify the specific beliefs underlying the upsetting thoughts and emotions.