God’s Not Dead Movie Review – Temptation on the Path

This month we feature a God’s Not Dead movie review, a best spiritual awakening movie for seeing the temptation of compromise on the spiritual path. 

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A Movie for Seeing the
Temptation of Compromise
On the Spiritual Path 



One of the things I really enjoy about this movie is that the main character is going to have to reach these decision points. And it seems that the more he goes for the integrity of what’s in his heart, the more the temptations, the challenges, come at him. And there’s just something inside that can’t compromise, it just can’t play a role, it can’t play a game, it has to play it out, it has to go to the heart of it. And this calling is what has brought us all together…”

David Hoffmeister

on the Best Spiritual Movies

     Enjoy This God’s Not Dead Movie Review

godsnotdead2This movie is a powerful demonstration of overcoming fear and doubt to find true spiritual meaning and happiness in life. An atheist professor challenges a student to defend “God is not dead” before his philosophy class. Josh reinterprets this challenge as an invitation from the Spirit to extend the truth of a loving God. As Josh puts his whole heart into it, resistance appears in many forms. Yet his uncompromising demonstration of faith inspires courage in many others to face their own fears, to move through them, and to heal. 

“When I am healed I am not healed alone.” (W-137)

     Audio Setup

godsnotdead3We get so accustomed to linear time, our daily lives, the people in our lives and our jobs, that it can turn into a Groundhog Day movie. We’re in the movie looping around, trying to make the best of it, trying to keep our heads above water day by day, and not really seeing that there are a lot of points during the day where we have the choice to stay in flow, stay in truth, stay in alignment, or compromise. Listen to this movie setup before watching God’s Not Dead to raise your awareness about what compromise is and then see how the characters follow their hearts to move through compromising situations in their lives.


     Bonus Material

David Talks About Non-Compromise

& Following Guidance


There’s all this glorious guidance that’s inside you, perfectly available for you to live a supremely happy, joyful day. Everything comes down to guidance, and when you’re not compromising you’re in flow with this guidance. The guidance can be about anything, including what to say, what to do, what to wear, what to eat. When you have an awareness of that guidance and you say, “Aw I don’t think I want to do that,” that’s a compromise.

When we turn away from guidance and hold onto past learning and images of ourselves and others from the past, we don’t let the glory of that light pour through into our mind. It’s like we’re clinging in the darkness, holding on, clutching it. And that’s a compromise. The more deeply you go on the spiritual journey, and the more you get into alignment with this guidance, the more you find it’s difficult to compromise. I don’t think there’s any more important topic on the planet today.


A Parable of Seeing Your Witnesses Change to Light


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