The Only Obstacle is Fear – After Earth Movie Review

This month’s featured movie is After Earth, a classic enlightenment movie for recognizing spiritual awakening signs and overcoming spiritual awakening symptoms by transcending fearful thinking and stepping into strength by following guidance.

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The Only Obstacle is Fear


After Earth Metaphysical Movie Trailer

We have to have a sense of fearlessness to wake up to our true reality. We’re not going back into the experience of Heaven or nirvana with fear. We’ve got to empty our minds of fear, and we have to have a guide inside who knows the way to navigate through that fear and take us to a fearless state of mind.”

David Hoffmeister

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After Earth Movie Trailer - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

After Earth is a powerful movie for transcending fearful thinking, undoing the authority problem and stepping into strength. Kitai is a young cadet who fails to be promoted to ranger like his father, who is a revered and fearless leader. When they crash on a dangerous planet, Kitai must overcome his deepest fears in order to get help for his injured father. His father instructs him, “You must do exactly as I say or you will die.” This is symbolic of the importance of closely following the Holy Spirit’s guidance, which is the release from fear and guilt.



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After Earth Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsIn this movie, a father and son are given a mission to let go of their earthly roles so that they can experience their true identities as sons of God. The drama in this movie is symbolic of the darkness in the mind that arises as they take the steps given by Spirit to release their worldly father and son roles. As they join in purpose, they are freed from limiting roles set up by the ego so they can recognize themselves as spiritual beings.

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After Earth After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

Wasn’t that a beautiful symbol of the father saluting Katai at the end of the movie? There wasn’t any more of that arrogant, “I’m the father, you’re the son,” “I’m better than you,” “You’re not a ranger.” All that was gone and there was just equality.  When you know your own fearlessness, you know your own strength and therefore you recognize it in others. How absurd it is to think our reality involves superior and inferior people. We’re just here to see the perfect equality of everyone.

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YouTube: Facing Fear and Strong Emotions

Facing Fear and Strong Emotions YouTube

There comes a point on the spiritual journey when you become acutely aware of what you fear. When seen as blocks to experiencing consistent joy, these fearful situations become opportunities to bring the darkness to the light rather than pushing the fear down, distracting away or trying to hide it. If your prayer is for healing, the opportunities to bring the darkness to the light will keep coming. It may feel very intense to go toward situations that were once avoided, but you can trust the Spirit’s guidance in what to do when the fear starts to rise up.

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Choose Once Again,
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Our mission on earth is to transcend the deep fear that we have done something terribly wrong; that we’ve separated from our Father. Each step we take to face our fears helps us to forgive, build trust in Spirit’s guidance and confidence in the strength of Christ.

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