Christian Movies Online: Movie “God’s Not Dead” Inspires to Extend the Truth

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David Hoffmeister ACIM on the Online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment: Movie “God's Not Dead” Inspires to Extend the Truth – Christian Movies Online

Christian Movies Online: God’s Not Dead

Themes: No Compromise, Trust, Teacher of God, Intellectualization, Superiority, Spiritual pride, Faith

Mini review: This movie is a powerful demonstration of overcoming fear and doubt so to find true spiritual meaning and happiness in life. An atheist professor challenges a student to defend “God is not dead” before his philosophy class. Josh reinterprets this challenge as an invitation from Spirit to extend the truth of a loving God.

As Josh puts his whole heart into it, resistance appears in many forms. Yet his uncompromising demonstration of faith inspires courage in many others to face their own fears, to move through them, and to heal. “When I am healed I am not healed alone.” W-137

We must look within and bring all our hatred and darkness up into the forgiving light of the Holy Spirit. As we take our steps forward mighty companions appear by our side. When we release our fears we fully align with Spirit’s purpose. We see that all things are indeed working together for our good.


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