Genres: Mind-Watcher

A fantastic 'contrast' movie to be shown how deluded the sleeping mind is - believing in and seeming to play out misuse of the mind's power.
As Jesus says in A Course in Miracles, you have to go through the darkness....
Elvis “The King” Presley wants a federal badge so he can go undercover as a narcotics agent and help fix the drug problem he sees in American young people. So he has a secret meeting with Nixon. Much pride and resistance is undone in this hilarious meeting of two historic icons.
Are you ready to let go of your world? “Room” can help prepare you for the unraveling of the ego.
This documentary can be used for looking at body thoughts and personal identity. It exposes the belief in being female and the actress self-concept.
The giving of one’s time, money and gifts can look like the Spirit’s giving, but if there is a thought of getting something in return...
The phrase “wag the dog” is used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance.
Michael is a doctor who undergoes a rapid “cracking and peeling” of his self-concept in a twenty-four hour period. He appears to be the epitome of someone who’s “made it.” He’s a rich oncologist with an expensive sports car, a beautiful wife and promising career. Michael sees himself as a helpful guy with a great life, but he is hiding pride, anger, and hurt underneath the mask of success. He became a doctor in order to alleviate unresolved conflict and guilt from his past.
This movie is a mind watcher for beliefs in victimization, injustice, punishment, attack and the idea that the innocent Son of God can somehow be harmed.
Nothing in this world will satisfy you. When you forget this and pursue things in the world, the result is always the same. There can seem to be a temporary satisfaction, but the end result is always pain, guilt, and death.
This is a hilarious movie for seeing the intense rage underlying the face of innocence.....
This movie is a mind watcher for healing the belief in victims and victimizers. In truth, they are the same. Both are illusions, neither right nor wrong, good or bad. Andrew is a drummer who believes being the “best” will make him happy.
Following the advice of his dying father, Hal only dates women who are physically beautiful. Hal however, wants to see women for their inner beauty, and his preoccupation with physical beauty has become a defense against true intimacy and connectedness.
The ego is a getting mechanism; it gives to get. True giving is of the Spirit. Relationships can be used by the Spirit to open us up to an experience of unconditional love.
This mind-watcher of a movie shows us the power of mind and our ability to use or misuse it.
“Wake up, wake up!” Edward Norton is asleep in a zombie-like world and looking for meaning in the material world.
There is a thirst for completion in special relationships, but it cannot be found in bodies, so love turns to hate.
Deep within our mind lies a horrific thought. It tells of the destruction of Heaven, and the usurping of God’s eternal Love for fear, guilt and death.
The game of the ego is to make us think we need something from the outside to fulfill us.
Terry believes her husband has betrayed her, and her rage and self-hatred rise to the surface.
The only way you can be free of fear is to face it in your own mind.
Things are not what they seem. There is no accumulated learning. There are no people ahead, no people behind.
The desire for special love and a self-concept apart from God is the desire for death.
This is a powerful film in which the characters go through a shared and accelerated awakening experience.
The deeper you go on the spiritual journey, there are less specifics to hang on to.
To believe you are a success in this world is two steps removed from reality.....
Addiction seems to bring temporary pleasure, but as it is a denial of Self, it is also a cover over guilt and pain.
This movie shows beautifully that there is never a person interacting with another person. It is only personalities interacting with each other, only thoughts.
The world of perception, is the world of time, of change, of beginnings and endings. It is based on interpretation, not on facts
Getting in touch with one’s “higher power” is the answer.
The pursuit of knowledge for power and glory, in the name of science, is harnessed by the Spirit to bring Forgiveness to a group of cocky medical students.
Based on a true story, is about opening up to love and new, unexplored experiences.
“Repeaters” is an acute representation of how our only basis for decision-making in the present....
While the greater part of this movie is a mind-watcher, there is a beautiful central theme of letting go of the past.
An American spiritual skeptic, Vikram Gandhi, decides to make a movie about the hypocrisy of....
We have all the time in the world to heal and transcend dreams of fear.
In this documentary, comedian Bill Maher interviews various Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religious leaders. We get a great reminder of what Jesus assures of in "A Course in Miracles" If you seek for controversy you will find it.
A refusal to look upon the darkness and what the mind believes it has done leads to a fantasy world of complexity
Metaphysical for, “It’s impossible to change the script.” The temptation of linear time is the....
Sometimes work and career can become such an obsession that they become a distraction to loving.
This movie reflects the theme: “Who’s to judge what is insane?”
This is a futuristic story of love that extends beyond biology
The undoing entails a deep journey of facing guilt from seeming past memories.
Let me accept all things exactly as they are.
Fear of abandonment and fear of intimacy go hand in hand.
Denial and repression can seem to keep pent-up anger from being expressed, but the time....
John Nash has a powerful mind. Although bordering on genius in terms of his intellect, John sees people who are not really there—hallucinations.
A psychiatrist is brought face to face with his despairs, fears, and perceived limitations through an encounter with a patient that is not of this world.
The authentic spiritual journey is through the darkness to the light.
This is a deep mind-watcher movie that graphically portrays ideas of justice and injustice.
Anger and guilt will shift from scene to scene and place to place until its source is unveiled and forgiven within.
What is sin but the error of deception, and what is salvation but acceptance of....
This movie is a composite that exposes the futility of attempting “relationship” without divine purpose.....
Ambition leads to folly and pain. At any moment we can make the decision to rest from worldly goals and experience the simplicity of the present moment.
This is a mind watcher movie that offers the forgiving lesson that it is impossible to fix characters or past memories.
Do not attempt to figure out the events on the screen—the Spirit sees them all as the same.
Vianne is a free spirit, moved by the mysterious north winds to be in the right place at the right time.
Romantic love or the idea of bodies in love, carries with it the tragedy of all illusions.
The Rizzo family has a closet full of secrets.
Gathered in a theater that is about to come down, an audience’s search for love and meaning in this world is documented.
The lures of the world glimmer and tempt toward a better life of more status, more money, more power, more recognition, and more sex appeal.
The ego’s fear based plan of proving separation attempts to cover its tracks and stay hidden through diversion and deception.
This is a stream-of-consciousness movie in which a group of women spanning the ages of....
The only way to keep a secret is through deception and masks.
Physical appearances cannot veil a kind, loving, and innocent heart.
Trust is the answer and this is a glorious movie of returning to our true home.