Genres: Fantasy

The central problem of the world could be characterized as the belief that things would be better if circumstances in life or events of the past were different.
In this mind-expanding relationship movie, the main character, Rhiannon falls in love with a presence that takes on many different forms. This helps put the focus in a natural way on the telepathic connection beyond the form.
This mind watcher movie recounts the life of singer-songwriter Elton John. A life of extravagance, addiction, and repression reflects an unwillingness  to stop running and distracting away from the seeming darkness within.
Though pushed out of awareness, the belief we have separated from God has us feeling fearful of the power of our mind.
Harold Crick is living a monotonous, highly organized, routine life. He counts how many times he brushes his teeth and how many steps he needs to take to get to the bus stop. He is intricately aware of how many minutes and seconds everything takes. Nothing spontaneous or joyful, and Harold has no intimate relationships that involve communication from the heart.
The characters in this movie get lost in the game; they search for the escape from imprisonment there.
The game of the ego is to make us think we need something from the outside to fulfill us.
George Lonegan is “called” to wake up from his humdrum existence.
The world of perception, is the world of time, of change, of beginnings and endings. It is based on interpretation, not on facts
Mark Bellison lives in a world where private thoughts are expressed without hesitation or censorship.
This comedy brings to light the eccentricities and nuances of human life.
After carelessly wishing away her baby brother (her inheritance as the Son of God), Sarah finds herself embarking on a quest to regain what she has lost.
Elliot, a seeming geek, believes that things would be different if only Allison loved him.
Though a deceptive situation may be set up for monetary gains, God hears the prayer....
Let the dream of life be the art of playing.
Those who are destined to meet will meet. As we follow our heart’s desire, God’s divine plan unfolds. As we desire to help, we are helped.