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This movie’s main message is the value of extending and giving from the heart in....
The self-concept is a lie. It is not who you are. You were never meant to play a role in this world.
This episode has the authority problem as its central theme.
This is a touching movie about the power of prayer and faith in God. Mack....
Season 1, Episode 4.The ego wants us to keep secrets and thus maintain our sense of guilt and separation. Angela is being blackmailed because of some past behavior and she fears telling her high profile husband who is running for senator. She resorts to using campaign money to pay off the blackmailer and, as her guilt thoughts continue to escalate, she reaches a point of despair and attempts suicide.
Season 8, Episode 15 Thank God there is a plan of such magnitude and perfection where nothing is out of place and everything is working together for good, no exceptions. This is the healed perspective and this is what our minds open to as we practice forgiveness and keep stepping into our function as miracle workers.
Inspired by scripture, this movie imagines one year in the childhood of Jesus.
A high school teacher quotes Jesus in history class and she is sued by the school board and the American Civil Liberties Union for violating the separation of church and state. She won’t recant. But God has a plan.
The single desire of the Son to reunite with the Father is a Love that knows no limits.
Opportunities for healing come in unexpected and surprising ways, and no one is more surprised than Jules, founder of a hip online fashion label, when her colleague assigns her a suit and tie-clad senior intern.
Season 4, Episode 25 Underneath the attempt to control someone else is guilt, protectionism, and fear of the past being repeated
The Stone family and their relationship partners gather for Christmas and experience a profound undoing of pride and an opening of the heart.
The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world
Once we get a taste of our true nature, it is impossible to go back to the way things were before. Peter Appleton is given the opportunity to step out of his life of littleness and compromise and to walk in the shoes of his higher self.
Love and faith have the power to inspire miracles, even when all seems lost. Winter is a dolphin whose tail was damaged to the point of having to be removed.
The ego is a belief in lack. If you believe that something in this world will give you anything or make you happy, you will suffer.
This is a true story about the courage to be oneself, to follow the inner guide despite initial reflections of doubt and fear.
The path to remembering love takes many forms.
No matter what anyone says or does or thinks or feels or tries to achieve or accomplish in this world, deep inside they only want to go home!
The world is a funny place. When we think we gain, we forget what we have always had.
False belief is projected as the world of form and plays out over and over in what appears to be linear time.
This is a movie about hope, prayer, and purpose.
A little girl adored and loved by a father who sees all little girls as princesses appears to be separated from him.
Pollyanna is a budding miracle-worker. She is in her function, joining with everyone she meets.
A modern-day version of “The Bishop’s Wife.” When the specifics and organizational concerns of the....
The “spell” of this world is believing in appearances and forgetting all the beauty inside.
Who is the therapist and who is the patient? Who is the healer? The personal....
A child named Joshua begins to question the meaning of life after his beloved grandfather dies.