Genres: Drama

Ten-year-old Lucia and her two cousins playfully go out into the fields, as they do regularly, and call out to Mother Mary, only this time to have her appear to them in a vision.
This movie shows there is a way to truth through surrendering to something greater than one’s tiny self.
Who is it that is in need of healing? Lawyer, heal thyself, for thus are you helped.
When Pope Benedict resigns in 2013, he calls cardinal Francis to join him at the Vatican. Though Benidict and Francis share the same religion, they both have very different ways of looking upon the world. Francis, who is from Argentina, is a very simple man who loves connecting with the people. Benedict is from Germany and is known to be stoic, conservative, and protective.
Based on the true story of Christian singer/songwriter Bart Millard. God indeed is calling us all home through what inspires us and blesses all.
Looking for Love in form spins out a tale of soul mates that spans centuries.
It’s only through giving that we receive. How wonderful it feels when our heart is wide open and the love is pouring through, radiating to the whole world.
This is a brilliant movie about a young man who meets an unlikely spiritual guide and goes through a rapid awakening
A fantastic 'contrast' movie to be shown how deluded the sleeping mind is - believing in and seeming to play out misuse of the mind's power.
A powerful forgiveness movie that helps loosen the mind from fixed ideas about linear time and to awaken to the present moment.
How many of us have struggled with questions, like Did I mess it up? Did something pass me by? Am I with the right person? Did I miss my chance? or What about the future? Am I condemned to loneliness and loss?
Our whole purpose is to transcend the voice of the ego and learn to tune in to the voice of the Spirit, the voice of intuition.
An awakening classic for loosening from roles and worldly ambitions, and opening the heart to an experience of true intimacy in the present moment.
A typical American family has suppressed rage and past grievances that cover over compassion and love.
Love sees no error. This movie is set in a time when racial divisions were still firmly held in the mind.
Sam keeps reliving the same day over and over again. With each passing day, Sam starts to question why she and her friends do what they are so habituated to doing...
In the ego's world, the mind is a slave to the body. To wake up from the dream of separation, we need to use the body as a means for expanding our consciousness instead of treating it as an end or a goal.
A wonderful healing movie where two companions are paired up for a healing assignment
A wonderful movie for if you have lost your spark, or have gone through complete undoing / loss of 'who you once were'.
The Shape of Water is a heartfelt adventure film that contrasts ego and Holy Spirit symbols  very clearly.
In this futuristic episode, the man-made factory known as the Autofac has essentially taken over the world after a nuclear war 20 years earlier.
This is a profound futuristic episode that shows the possibility of having special romantic relationships transformed into holy relationships.
As Mary begins to listen and honor the inner voice of guidance, she faces the seeming judgments, rejection, and disapproval of her family as she takes her first shaky steps on the uncompromising path to true freedom.
The Holy Spirit arranges time and space for the miracle and, even though Papale doesn't fit the mold of a pro player, he realizes he has nothing to lose in trying out.
Once asked, "How do you stay so positive?" Neil replied, "I've always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be."
James accepts a cargo delivery job from Mexico to the US, only to discover his "cargo" is two young women in need of help.
This episode has the authority problem as its central theme.
A willingness to look upon and release attack thoughts and repressed emotions is the only....
This powerful documentary set in Folsom Prison is a vivid reminder that all things are....
This is a great movie for moving past the fear of intimacy. It exposes the....
A wonderfully-inspiring movie based on the relationship between the late 19th century Queen Victoria and....
Season 3, Episode 1 This episode is a great parable of undoing and letting go.....
This is a profound movie about the life of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.....
This is a touching movie about the power of prayer and faith in God. Mack....
Will Trainer's active and adventurous life changes suddenly when he is left a quadriplegic after an accident. He becomes bitter and angry, and longs only for death, no longer wanting his new life with all its physical and emotional pain. He makes an agreement with his distraught mother that he will give it six months to find a reason and desire to live. His mother tries various caregivers in the hope that one of them will be able to reach her withdrawn son.
Season 1, Episode 4.The ego wants us to keep secrets and thus maintain our sense of guilt and separation. Angela is being blackmailed because of some past behavior and she fears telling her high profile husband who is running for senator. She resorts to using campaign money to pay off the blackmailer and, as her guilt thoughts continue to escalate, she reaches a point of despair and attempts suicide.
Season 8, Episode 15 Thank God there is a plan of such magnitude and perfection where nothing is out of place and everything is working together for good, no exceptions. This is the healed perspective and this is what our minds open to as we practice forgiveness and keep stepping into our function as miracle workers.