Genres: Comedy

Unworthiness and the belief in a cold, heartless, and random world are one and the same.
The self-concept is a lie. It is not who you are. You were never meant to play a role in this world.
The world is full of fairy tales and miracles; a good, honest heart; a promise that is kept; a destiny that could not be denied.
A wonderful healing movie where two companions are paired up for a healing assignment
Jack Malik is an aspiring musician who struggles to be successful in the music industry.
The essence of this documentary is about letting your actions be inspired by love and paving new pathways for that love to be extended.
“Trapped in Paradise” is a great forgiveness comedy and a wonderful Christmas movie for seeing....
This is a touching story about the healing journey of Ben and his six children who live in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The children are home schooled by their father and given much structure and discipline in terms of their education and physical training.
This movie takes us through a variety of special relationships to holy relationship.
Driven by success, Adam Jones is a visionary with a passion for food. He yearns to make food that makes his diners “sick with longing.” He believes in perfection in form—“if it’s not perfect, you throw it away.”
Harold Crick is living a monotonous, highly organized, routine life. He counts how many times he brushes his teeth and how many steps he needs to take to get to the bus stop. He is intricately aware of how many minutes and seconds everything takes. Nothing spontaneous or joyful, and Harold has no intimate relationships that involve communication from the heart.
This is a beautiful movie about going for it and not holding back, with music being the wind beneath wings that were always meant to fly!
Self-love has nothing to do with form. It comes from an inner knowing of the truth of who we are—Love Itself. Sometimes a shift in form is part of life’s script, and these changes are always helpful.
True love is extending and helping regardless of changing appearances. Form seems to shift and change, but the strength of love in the mind is fearless. Be not concerned about the form of the person you are with, for you are always with your own Self, and when you help anyone, you are helped.
The phrase “wag the dog” is used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance.
Opportunities for healing come in unexpected and surprising ways, and no one is more surprised than Jules, founder of a hip online fashion label, when her colleague assigns her a suit and tie-clad senior intern.
The Stone family and their relationship partners gather for Christmas and experience a profound undoing of pride and an opening of the heart.
Ira needs a miracle. He is unhappy; bound by uncertainty, unable to make decisions or complete his college dissertation and in a general state of confusion. Dumped by his therapist who suggested he “get unstuck and try something else,” he follows an inner prompt to enter a health club where the poster in the window asks, “What are you waiting for?”
When a journey is started, we think we know why we take it, and often we don’t! But there is a knowing that this path has to be taken anyway. Along the way we let go of the past little by little, and in every small release, the presence of Love becomes more evident, more consistent, letting us know that we are on the right track.
Hector is a psychiatrist, who thinks he likes his life neatly organized, ritualistic and contained. That is until suppressed rage and anger begin to surface and he recognizes that he is an “unhealed healer.” He starts to realize the hypocrisy of being the expert when he himself is so uninspired about life.
We are all on our pathway back to God and although each one’s path is unique in terms of the form it takes
Spirit is always waiting at the slightest invitation to swoop in and support our efforts to heal.
We need our brothers. The ego’s deep commitment to remaining separate is healed through joining and interacting with others. When we turn in this direction, things can at first seem disorienting and upsetting, but with determination and perseverance, we begin to experience shifts in the mind as our hearts begin to open and we face our deep fear of intimacy.
Those who are destined to meet will meet. The script is written and there is nothing we can do to change that. Our struggles and upsets arise when we think we can control what plays out in the world of form.
This is a hilarious movie for seeing the intense rage underlying the face of innocence.....
This movie is a good one for trust, prayer, letting go of control, and letting go of the authority problem that you can make yourself and that you can do it better than God.
Vincent's life consists of visiting his beloved wife who has Alzheimer's, drinking to excess, and gambling to earn enough money to cover his bills. Into this lonely existence the Spirit sends Oliver; a 12-year-old boy in need of a babysitter and a friend.
It is time for a wake-up call. Avoidance of meaningful communication and relationships through insisting on "having fun" is a cover over hurt and fear.
Dare to open your heart and face the fear of being hurt by love again. The association of love with loss runs deep, and the only way it can be healed is through open communication, patience, open-heartedness, and forgiveness.
How simple is awakening! Accepting the truth about yourself is all that is required.
Michael is an unlikely angel sent to “give a man back his heart.”
As separate human beings we are ghosts unable to awaken from the dream.
When Frances’ life, as she knows it, comes to an abrupt end, she swiftly begins to leave the past behind.
Emmet has to realize who he truly is. He is “the special.” Until his spiritual awakening, he is totally plugged into the matrix, blind to the fact that he doesn’t have any meaningful relationships.
We are entitled to miracles! This movie is rich in devotion to the call to be a miracle worker.
A beautiful movie portraying the lives of two wheelchair-bound young men who find each other and become mighty companions.
All everyone really wants is to know innocence and love.