Genres: Awakening Classic

This is a practical movie for showing the shifts that are needed to loosen from body identification, and face the fear of opening up beyond physical connection into the intimacy of mind.
This movie shows there is a way to truth through surrendering to something greater than one’s tiny self.
Through trusting in the intuitive voice of the Spirit, Pocahontas draws us out of past learning into a transcendent experience of joy and inspiration. It is a love story of letting go of the belief and perception of differences.
Looking for Love in form spins out a tale of soul mates that spans centuries.
This is a world of doors. The Spirit can guide us through the use of these doors to return home.
This is a brilliant movie about a young man who meets an unlikely spiritual guide and goes through a rapid awakening
The Christ will never be recognized by the world, and to the Christ presence, worldly recognition is meaningless.
Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment until he meets Lucy, who has short-term memory loss.
A husband uncontrollably teleports through time, making his partnership one in which expectations are constantly being undone.
Our whole purpose is to transcend the voice of the ego and learn to tune in to the voice of the Spirit, the voice of intuition.
An awakening classic for loosening from roles and worldly ambitions, and opening the heart to an experience of true intimacy in the present moment.
The world is full of fairy tales and miracles; a good, honest heart; a promise that is kept; a destiny that could not be denied.
A typical American family has suppressed rage and past grievances that cover over compassion and love.
Love sees no error. This movie is set in a time when racial divisions were still firmly held in the mind.
Sam keeps reliving the same day over and over again. With each passing day, Sam starts to question why she and her friends do what they are so habituated to doing...
This is a fantastic metaphysical movie, showing the awakening process right through from being in a deceived, conforming state, to realizing that what was considered to be life was not really life at all.
This futuristic movie centers on Jack, a veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources for a surviving human colony that has been relocated to another place in the cosmos.
The willingness to communicate attracts communication, even across and beyond the barriers of time.
A wonderful healing movie where two companions are paired up for a healing assignment
A wonderful movie for if you have lost your spark, or have gone through complete undoing / loss of 'who you once were'.
As Mary begins to listen and honor the inner voice of guidance, she faces the seeming judgments, rejection, and disapproval of her family as she takes her first shaky steps on the uncompromising path to true freedom.
This movie helps us get in touch with the power of the mind and how....
This movie’s main message is the value of extending and giving from the heart in....
On the spiritual journey, when your mind shifts into the miracles and starts to go right side up, the only temptation will be thoughts in the mind that are doubting that transformation.
An unforgiving thought does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path
This is one of the greatest faith, and “making the turn” movies ever! Alfred Jones insists he is a facts and figures man, and not at all a man of faith. When he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of introducing salmon into a river in Yemen, Alfred finds the idea ridiculous. Feeling coerced, he gives the absolute minimum to the project until it begins to dawn in his heart that this idea is Inspired, and has a far greater purpose than at first it seemed.
This is a summary on a commentary by David Hoffmeister on the 2004 documentary "Return to Source: Philosophy & The Matrix," an examination of the profound impact of "The Matrix Trilogy" in bringing forth the perennial wisdom of the ages on the big screen.
El comandante Sisko, el personaje principal de este episodio maestro de la serie Star Trek, siente un fuerte disgusto en contra del Capitán Piccard.
The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world
This is the compelling story of Francis of Assisi in the early days of his calling.
Ultimately, everyone must come to the realization that there is nothing in form—no person, place or thing—that will make us feel complete and whole. Seeking completion in this world is a fruitless search.
This movie is a good one for trust, prayer, letting go of control, and letting go of the authority problem that you can make yourself and that you can do it better than God.
This movie is about healing past associations through collaboration.
Grievances go beyond the person, beyond the specific personal memory. We have a memory problem.
Commitment, focus, and integrity are key requirements for waking up from the dream.
Season 2 Episode 8 The world is a dream made up by the sleeping mind that feels guilty because it thinks it has separated from God.
Terry believes her husband has betrayed her, and her rage and self-hatred rise to the surface.