Genres: Biography

This a wonderful parable about an Indian yogi named Neelkanth. We join him from the beginning of his spiritual journey as an 11-year-old boy and witness all the inspiring steps he takes and the holy encounters he experiences along the way.
When Pope Benedict resigns in 2013, he calls cardinal Francis to join him at the Vatican. Though Benidict and Francis share the same religion, they both have very different ways of looking upon the world. Francis, who is from Argentina, is a very simple man who loves connecting with the people. Benedict is from Germany and is known to be stoic, conservative, and protective.
Based on the true story of Christian singer/songwriter Bart Millard. God indeed is calling us all home through what inspires us and blesses all.
The movie demonstrates how an unplanned life and purposeful, heartfelt interactions can unfold easily when being helpful is put above personal goals or specific outcomes in the world.
This movie is a biography of the life of Paramhansa Yogananda, an Indian mystic who brought the practice of Kriya Yoga to North America in the 1920’s.
A wonderful healing movie where two companions are paired up for a healing assignment
This documentary about the life of Whitney Houston is a good mind-watcher to see the distractions of the world play out.
As Mary begins to listen and honor the inner voice of guidance, she faces the seeming judgments, rejection, and disapproval of her family as she takes her first shaky steps on the uncompromising path to true freedom.
The Holy Spirit arranges time and space for the miracle and, even though Papale doesn't fit the mold of a pro player, he realizes he has nothing to lose in trying out.
This is a powerful and inspiring movie about non-compromise and facing the doubt thoughts that....
Robin, the movie’s main character, is struck down with polio and almost totally paralyzed. Initially,....
A wonderfully-inspiring movie based on the relationship between the late 19th century Queen Victoria and....
This is a profound movie about the life of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.....
The role of the accuser will appear in many places and in many forms. And each will seem to be accusing you. Yet have no fear it will not be undone
An unforgiving thought does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path
Homer is uninspired at the prospect of becoming a miner like most other men in the small town of Coalwood, W.V.
"The 33" is a powerful movie demonstrating that commitment to a singular purpose will take you all the way home. Trapped in a mine two thousand feet below the earth, thirty-three men join in mind to make the decision for God. The egoic fear-based thought system is not undone by staying on the surface of the mind; we must be willing to go down to the very basement to fully unplug from the ego.
Love and faith have the power to inspire miracles, even when all seems lost. Winter is a dolphin whose tail was damaged to the point of having to be removed.
Awakening requires a full focus and a never give up attitude. Spirit gives the means. The goal is set. The willingness to listen and follow is all that’s required.
When the mind is ready to expand to a new level, everything that stands in the way of that expansion gets pushed to the surface. Remembering our true identity involves vigilance against the temptation to project attack thoughts, be a victim, or hold grievances.
This is the true story of Ramana Maharshi, a mystic and sage who, at the age of 16, had an intense visionary experience in which he faced and released the belief in death.
This is the true story of Nelson Mandela’s journey of faith, forgiveness and desire for equality, and a deep movie for showing the healing of the mind, and a nation-wide reflection of the healing.
It’s the 1950’s, and typically men are the breadwinners and the women stay home and raise the family.
This life has one purpose. It is to be our true Self and let our light shine!
This movie is a great example of undoing hierarchies and the belief in an order....
Philippe is a wealthy tetraplegic, in need of a caregiver. Driss comes to a job interview, hoping for nothing more than a signature on a paper to maintain his unemployment benefit.
The purpose of relationship assignments is to lose awareness of separate interests
Even Tolstoy was not always a good Tolstoyan.
Anger and guilt will shift from scene to scene and place to place until its source is unveiled and forgiven within.
Let the dream of life be the art of playing.
Ambition leads to folly and pain. At any moment we can make the decision to rest from worldly goals and experience the simplicity of the present moment.
Her Love for God and her simple discovery that holiness can be achieved by small acts of love and compassion became