Genres: Animation

The projected cosmos is an attempt at misusing the power of mind, to escape the light.
Emmet has to realize who he truly is. He is “the special.” Until his spiritual awakening, he is totally plugged into the matrix, blind to the fact that he doesn’t have any meaningful relationships.
Through trusting in the intuitive voice of the Spirit, Pocahontas draws us out of past learning into a transcendent experience of joy and inspiration. It is a love story of letting go of the belief and perception of differences.
We are all called into purpose. Hiccup is called by his father to step into purpose of serving the community, yet he has doubts and feelings of unworthiness to answer this calling.
The belief in attack is buried deep within the mind.
Po is an unlikely hero, in that he is a gentle-natured, food and fun-loving, large....
The Croods are the last remaining of their kind, teetering on the brink of change.
This movie shows the tiny, mad idea we all had, What would it be like to be separate from perfect love?
Let your hair down and escape the prison you have made! If you have the courage to follow your heart, the Spirit will send in characters to help you break free from this world.
A parable about being given a kingdom, then being tempted to look outside of your kingdom
This is the timeless story of the quest to be real.
For a time it seems as if putting on appearances is a way of gaining something.
Once there was autonomy and defiance, but through trust, willingness and gentleness it is seen that the Spirit’s way is the way to freedom.
exploration of the ambiguity of dreaming and the desire for the ultimate release of awakening.
There are no rules in the world that will lead out of the world into an experience of Joy.
Seeking again outside the kingdom results in the perception of war.