Genres: Adventure

Clavius, a Roman Tribune present at Jesus’ death, is tasked with finding Jesus’ missing body after the resurrection. Although the authority figures of the church and the Roman guard have given him this task to hide the truth, the search turns out to be Clavius’ pathway to God.
The Shape of Water is a heartfelt adventure film that contrasts ego and Holy Spirit symbols  very clearly.
Only by laying aside separate interests and truly communicating can these astronauts return home together.
At times, the path of awakening can feel exceptionally difficult, even impossible. But this is only the limited perspective of the ego. All things are possible when given over to the Spirit for healing, even what appear to be insurmountable challenges.
Stranded on Mars, Mark is an astronaut who is clearly not at home.
A metaphysically pure episode showing that the perceived world is merely “wish fulfillment,” the playing out of the desires of the heart.
A metaphysically pure episode showing that the perceived world is merely “wish fulfillment,” the playing out of the desires of the heart.
This is a powerful quantum physics movie about answering the call to awaken. It takes you on a mind-bender through time and space, to see that ultimately it is all mind, that we’ve only ever been communicating with ourselves, and that Spirit will use everything that we seem to believe in to reach us.
Hector is a psychiatrist, who thinks he likes his life neatly organized, ritualistic and contained. That is until suppressed rage and anger begin to surface and he recognizes that he is an “unhealed healer.” He starts to realize the hypocrisy of being the expert when he himself is so uninspired about life.
The ego is a death wish, being the denial of eternal life. No matter how clever and ingenious it seems to be, it simply cannot replicate love and peace.
As 22-year-old Neal’s life is on track to become a lawyer just like his father, the prayer of his heart is, “There must be a better way.”
We are all called into purpose. Hiccup is called by his father to step into purpose of serving the community, yet he has doubts and feelings of unworthiness to answer this calling.
The only purpose of any decision, choice, and function in this world is to unwind the mind, to wake up from this dream.
Season 2 Episode 8 The world is a dream made up by the sleeping mind that feels guilty because it thinks it has separated from God.
The belief in attack is buried deep within the mind.
Love saves the universe. “Perfect love casts out fear.”
True love is the result of forgiveness. Who you are is perfect Innocence, now and forever.
To know ThySelf is to realize that there is no choice in this world.
This is a fantastic awakening movie about taking the leap and soaring in Purpose. The....
The Croods are the last remaining of their kind, teetering on the brink of change.
This movie is a beautiful demonstration of the undoing of competition and joining in collaboration.
Within all of us there is a deep yearning to answer the call that defies....
Adaptation of the classic fable on restoring the kingdom and reclaiming our inheritance.
This comedy brings to light the eccentricities and nuances of human life.
No matter what anyone says or does or thinks or feels or tries to achieve or accomplish in this world, deep inside they only want to go home!
Adventure and spontaneous encounters can be a path to awakening.
A story about joining together in a common purpose. It does not matter what your capabilities are in this world, the Spirit can use them all.
A man in the wilds of Canada begrudgingly offers help to a sick Eskimo girl.