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Unhappiness is about how we are connected to God, let go of needing a solution in form, extend love because it makes you happy, Lack Thoughts Have No Existence: Mini Review of “Fireproof” – Christian Movies Online


Emotion/Theme: Anger, Addiction, Marriage, Temptation, Devotion, Mind Training, Prayer, Vigilance

Mini Review: Caleb believes he is a “hero” everywhere in his life, except in his marriage, where he feels distant, unloved, and unloving. Whatever you feel is lacking in a situation is what you need to bring to it. Simple. As a last resort to “save” his marriage, Caleb accepts the invitation to welcome the Spirit into his life through a 40-Day Love Dare Program.

Caleb comes to see that his unhappiness is not about his wife or their marriage. It is about how connected he is to God. As he steps through the program, Caleb lets go of needing a solution in form; of needing his wife to respond a certain way, or needing the marriage to be saved.

“The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” (ACIM T-26.IX.6:1)

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Slumdog Millionaire and A Course in Miracles

Anything perceived as happening in the world need not be judged. You cannot have a better life or a worse life in form. You have no control over the world. The script cannot be changed. The script is the past— it is written. There is great release in knowing this, giving you full permission to be happy. It is really very simple.


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