Your Destiny Is Greatness ~ by David Hoffmeister

Your Destiny Is Greatness
Listen to your heart, follow the signs, trust Spirit, allow a spiritual awakening experience, spiritual movie Serendipity, Your Destiny Is Greatness ~ Best Spiritual Movies by David Hoffmeister ACIM A Course in Miracles

Movie: Serendipity

Best Spiritual Movies, David Hoffmeister: The movie Serendipity is a classic movie for watching the signs, keeping your heart open, and following guidance. You can’t mess it up! Don’t settle and don’t compromise.

Jonathan and Sara meet in their 20’s for one perfect night. He believes in love at first sight, she believes in destiny. He writes his name and number on a five-dollar bill and she writes hers inside a book. She says, “If it’s destined it will happen.” But even though she seems to have a strong belief in destiny it begins to fade in her mind which is symbolized by them moving apart and seeming to settle for something less than the ideal. Ten years pass before they finally begin to listen to the prompts and follow the guidance that will bring them together again.

The message in this movie is “we can’t mess it up.” Doubt thoughts can take us off course, spinning us around in circles, but we always find our way in the end by following the nudges, prompts, and little signs. Ego does not want us to have a direct path to our destiny but Spirit is always calling us to come into alignment. There are no random acts, there are no chance encounters, and there is no wasted time.

This is a great movie for demonstrating that we will meet the people we’re destined to meet. We have relationship assignments that take us higher and higher in consciousness. Sometimes, like Sara, we fall into a false sense of comfort in a relationship and settle for familiarity but Spirit is always lifting us higher to know God’s Will.

Even in our relationships we have to keep the purpose of awakening out front and keep the fire bright. Before destiny—Spirit—finally brought them together, Jonathan had a fiancée and even she could feel the purpose. She said, “You’re not here!” All of our minds are connected. We can no longer fool ourselves into believing that we are separate entities, disconnected from everything and everyone else.

The trap of this world is to settle for the status quo. But the status quo is the story the ego made up in the mind to keep us little. Each of us has a greater destiny to know who we are, to know our Creator.


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Anything perceived as happening in the world need not be judged. You cannot have a better life or a worse life in form. You have no control over the world. The script cannot be changed. The script is the past— it is written. There is great release in knowing this, giving you full permission to be happy. It is really very simple.


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