It Feels Good to Give: The Ultimate Gift Movie Review

This month’s featured movie is The Ultimate Gift, a classic parable of undoing pride and arrogance and coming into humbleness and humility.

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It Feels Good to Give


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“This is a great parable of a young man starting to see for himself that it feels good to give. It feels good to pour your heart into giving, and that’s really where joy and happiness can be found.”

David Hoffmeister

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The Ultimate Gift Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsJason has lived a shallow and unfulfilling life of material luxury, and as a condition of his grandfather’s will, he is presented with the opportunity to receive a series of gifts, leading to the ultimate gift. These prompts and the opportunity to obey and follow are the Spirit’s way of leading the mind to seeing that what was thought of as a sacrifice actually leads to a blessing.

In this world we cannot tell our advances from our retreats. It is only the experience of peace that is our barometer. What the mind previously valued can be let go of and replaced with values of the Spirit, being integrity, friendship and laughter. Intuitive ability is heightened and a sense of service is experienced through the washing away of egoic patterns and desires. A new state of mind is realized and naturally all things of the world become meaningless.

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This is a classic parable of undoing pride and arrogance and coming into humbleness and humility. The sorting out of the valuable and valueless becomes apparent when we truly open up to the Spirit. Things that are important to the ego (money, status, possessions) are seen as valueless to Spirit, but can be used in helpful ways. When the “giving to get” mechanism is undone, giving and receiving are one and the same. In this state, Spirit gives us even more! Spirit gives us gentle steps leading us back to the state of Heaven, and many times we do not know what such steps are for. Yet along the way these gentle stepping stones lead us to experiences we could never imagine! 

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The Ultimate Gift After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsThe spiritual journey is much like an amusement park ride where the floor keeps dropping out. Jason was in total freefall for most of the movie, clueless about his next steps. Jason’s biological family was part of a vibration he was meant to leave behind. On the spiritual journey, you will go through many vibrational changes that will take you deeper and deeper into your mind. In the process, relationships that don’t support your awakening may fall away and new relationships may come in.

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Movie Clip: Being Called Out of the World

The Ultimate Gift - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

St. Francis of Assisi is an example of being so called by Christ that he couldn’t play any of the games of the world any more or compromise his calling. This clip from Brother Sun, Sister Moon shows St. Francis giving everything back to his biological father, symbolic of St. Francis’ decision to leave behind all the trappings of the world and go fully toward the light. David and Kirsten share after the clip.

When you give your life over to the purpose of awakening, there may seem to be friction with family members because what needs to be healed in those relationships will come into awareness. Relationships of the world require you to compromise, make bargains and fulfill expectations, especially of those around you. An authentic spiritual path does not have the goal of trying to make you a better person or to improve your interpersonal relationships. The hardest step is always at the beginning, because the ego says you can’t trust anyone and anything.

YouTube: Facing the Fear of Accepting the Call

After Accepting the Call YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News

David and others recount parables of unwinding from the ego belief system: facing fear, finding your function and companions, learning radical trust, changing circumstances, extending, realizing there is no loss and seeing that Spirit sends support and miracles.

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There are so many movie reviews on MWGE with the theme of handing over the purpose to the higher plan of forgiveness. In Mr. Destiny, the main character has a moment of surrender when a light comes over him and he gets out of the loop of struggle. In Groundhog Day, the main character keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over until he finally starts to open up to being truly helpful. In The Truman Show, Truman keeps looping and looping in the world until he makes it to the exit door and leaves the controlled world of the ego. For a holiday movie with the “escaping the loop” theme, watch 12 Dates of Christmas. The other themes of this movie include fate, the Holy Spirit’s use of time, and the fact that everything is always perfect! Listen to the movie’s audio talk here.

A Christmas Message to You From David Hoffmeister

A Christmas Message from David Hoffmeister

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