The Movie "Next" Shows That Time Is Simultaneous – Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment

Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – “The movie Next will show us that even those we perceive as our enemies are part of a greater plan of awakening, and that we share a purpose with them. The two main characters seem to be working against each other. And then we see how they move beyond that, to a state of forgiveness, where they join in a higher goal that literally brings them together and takes away all animosity and struggle.

Mr Pops from MWGEThis movie is packed full of quantum physics, which gives us a new perspective on time. Likewise, the deepest teachings of A Course in Miracles have to do with the belief in linear time. Linear time is based on the belief that cause and effect are separate, and that there is causation in the world, that for every action, there is a reaction. The world is based on this false cause-effect relationship. But underneath that is an experience of time being simultaneous; it’s really all happening at once. The ego tries to make time seem linear to lock you into the illusion. Each time you make the illusion real in your mind, you re-enact the separation, and you feel guilty.

The deepest teachings that have come through my mouth have always been about hypothetical thinking, which is the imagining of different scenarios. Jesus talks about it in the Clarification of Terms. He says that the Course is written as if (and he puts the as if in italics) there is individual consciousness. But there isn’t. We think of human beings as having individual consciousness and that is part of the trick. There really is only one mind, and it has fallen asleep. The ego has fragmented what seems to be one mind into six billion minds. It’s all part of this “as if” trick, as if there are individual consciousnesses, as if the separation has occurred. Well, that “as if” is really addressed in this movie. This is the only movie I’ve ever seen that goes into hypotheticals. It’s really spectacular.”

~ David Hoffmeister

Excerpt from his upcoming book Quantum Forgiveness

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