Undoing the Belief in Victims and Victimizers through Spiritual Movies ~ “Whiplash” and the Teacher/Student Relationship

Spiritual movies and awakening! A review of the movie Whiplash by David Hoffmeister on The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment

Emotion/Theme: Victimization, Worthiness, Injustice, Teacher/Student, Letting go of specialness, Roles, Doubt, Attack, Authority Problem

Genre: Drama, Mind-Watcher


This movie is a mind watcher for healing the belief in victims and victimizers. In truth, they are the same. Both are illusions, neither right nor wrong, good or bad. Andrew is a drummer who believes being the “best” will make him happy.

Spiritual Movies Whiplash

Terence is perceived as an abusive teacher who is an intense reflection of Andrew’s doubt thoughts about his drumming talent, and becomes Andrew’s scapegoat for why he will not “be the best”.

It is the perfect teaching/learning situation as Andrew lets go of the desire for recognition as the best drummer, his passion for drumming returns as a connection to Spirit and a love of collaboration. Terence also provides Andrew with opportunities for forgiveness of perceived “wrongdoings”; coming to see the truth that Terence was there all along in support of him stepping into his magnitude. There are no victims and no victimizers in Truth.

It takes great maturity to see that “all things work together for good” T-4.V and that we never truly know what anything is for, including relationships. Andrew and Terence were drawn together for a healing assignment, to undo limiting self-concepts and to come into a full-blown experience of being done through by the grace of God!

“Certain pupils have been assigned to each of God's teachers, and they will begin to look for him as soon as he has answered the Call. They were chosen for him because the form of the universal curriculum that he will teach is best for them in view of their level of understanding. His pupils have been waiting for him, for his coming is certain.

Again, it is only a matter of time. Once he has chosen to fulfill his role, they are ready to fulfill theirs.Time waits on his choice, but not on whom he will serve.” A Course in Miracles (M-2.1)

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