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Top Spiritual Movies: Mr. Nobody

Scene: Nemo is shown as a dead body, then as drowning in his car, then as being shot.

David Hoffmeister: The first scene of the movie Mr Nobody shows the main character, Nemo, as a dead body in a morgue. Immediately after that, he is seen underwater in a car, and then being shot in a bathtub. Nemo, in a voice-over, asks, “What did I do to deserve this?”

The ego immediately begins looking for what precipitated Nemo’s death, just like it does when it watches a news program about a murder. That’s because the ego always has a need to know what happened; in fact, the world revolves around the attempt to find causation in form. For example, if someone has symptoms of an illness, they go to a doctor to get a diagnosis and find a solution. If someone is abandoned by their partner, they are likely to go over and over the relationship in their mind, trying to figure out what happened. If a plane crashes, investigators spend months or even years trying to determine why it went down.

Mr Nobody David HoffmeisterThe ego’s entire purpose for time and space is to look for cause-and-effect answers in a linear, or form-based, way. That’s what all the questions of the world are about. Even when we get into spiritual awakening, there are still many questions regarding form. Practical questions such as, “What step do I need to take next?” may also arise. However, even this question indicates that we are looking for direction in form. If we asked Jesus what our next step is, He would tell us that it is the holy instant. But if our mind can’t comprehend what that means, then we’re not ready for it. Therefore, the Spirit has to come into our conscious awareness through the use of symbols.

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