Romance Night: Choose Love with “Notting Hill” – Mini Review with David Hoffmeister and MWGE

Theme: Special Relationship, Self-Concept, Fear of Love

Mini Review:

David Hoffmeister and MWGE - This movie is about daring to accept "who" is given for opening the heart to love. It is about saying yes to the spark in the heart and putting this first, so that everything that does not serve true happiness can fall away.

Anna Scott is a famous actress who walks into William's book store while filming in London. William feels an immediate spark with Anna. The Spirit, and the development of trust, is behind every encounter that Anna has with William and those who surround him.

David Hoffmeister MWGE Notting HillWhen the protectionism involved with maintaining the self-image arises, Anna pushes William away, every time. Beneath the push away is a call for love. And as William discovers, answering the call for love is always for oneself.

Love is patient, love is kind. Love is acceptance. Love is allowance. The truth needs no defense, and the invitation to say yes to Love is from God, therefore it never ends.

Yes is inevitable! It is for the whole!

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