Are Physical “Changes” Spiritual Awakening Signs? Q&A with David Hoffmeister

Question: Has awareness something to do with a state in which you feel like you would be only an "eye" to the world? No thoughts, only to be a witness: peace, joy, and silence. It is not transcendental, but very simple actually. Are physical "changes" part of awakening?

David Hoffmeister: How wonderful to hear of your transformative experiences! The spiritual awakening signs that you are experiencing are part of a very natural Awakening, and only the ego would attempt to look back on it and judge what seems to be occurring as "weird things." It does SEEM as if there are physical changes during the "process" of shifting from horizontal (ego) perception to vertical (spirit- aligned) perception.

Physical Changes Spiritual Awakening SignsAll of the seeming physical "changes" are forms, involving the body, and are within the realm of the imagination, or perception. Nothing in form really changes since form is illusion (nothing) and a "changing illusion" means a "changing no thing," or no change at all. Yet the expanded perceptions, and the ability to watch feelings come out from a point of detachment, are witnesses to the removal of the limits of belief.

As the limits of belief about a body-based identity dissolve and are released, perceptual experiences reflect more expansive self-concepts. These self-concepts are illusions as well, yet each one "comes closer" to the forgiven world, or the Perspective of the Holy Spirit. Even this Perspective, the Dreamer of the dream, is an illusion (for in Reality there is nothing to forgive), but this is the last illusion which ends the dream entirely.

The Vision of Christ is the Light beyond all concepts, beliefs, and limits of the ego.

I rejoice with You as One in the Great Awakening!! These expansive experiences herald the happy dream and the end of dreaming. All is calm, all is bright. Spiritual experiences are directly of Christ and God, transcending "explanations" and the "need to explain."

The ego wants to figure out what it can never "Know." What is real cannot be described or explained; it can only be experienced. Words and images are symbols the Holy Spirit uses in Guiding the mind inward until the need for symbols has vanished with the Experience of Pure, Eternal Spirit. Such is a Silent Mind.

With overflowing Love, 
David Hoffmeister

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