Sex, Addiction, and Special Relationships - Review Of "Don Jon" on Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment.

Emotion/Theme: Addiction, Special Relationship, Pain and Pleasure, Self Concept, Sex, Opening up to Love, Mighty Companions, Deception

Genre: Comedy, Drama

David Hoffmeister: Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment.

Addiction seems to bring temporary pleasure, but as it is a denial of Self then it is a cover over of guilt/pain. Seeking pleasure as a way to ease the belief in lack is a distraction from remembering the Truth; the reality that we are inherently whole and complete. Fantasies have nothing at all to do with love or Truth.

The movie Don Jon shows the ego's use of special relationships and the belief that someone else can give us something that we need. The ego uses relationships as a means of control and manipulation. Its "love" is contingent on behavior and what is appropriate and acceptable in order to maintain a self-concept.

Sex Addiction Don Jon

Unlike the ego's use of relationship (a way to "get" from a brother), the Holy Spirit views relationships as an opportunity to give what you would receive.

The special relationship is a form of love offered by the ego to allow you to feel fulfilled. But it is a fantasy, a thin cover over our self-hatred and rage at not getting what we really want. We want to realize who we really are and bask in the unconditional Love of God. We can choose to let the specialness go and turn our relationships into holy encounters. How we see others is a representation of how we are thinking about ourselves. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to see with Christ's vision. We need to clear our beliefs, our perceptual filters, and practice a Holy Spirit-inspired miraculous interpretation.


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