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The online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment offers you a mini review of non dual best spiritual movies: Ramana Maharshi: The Sage of Arunachala.

Mini review: This is the true story of Ramana Maharshi—a mystic and sage who, at the age of 16, experienced an intense visionary experience in which he faced and released the belief in death. He clearly saw the "i", the self that believed it could die, and he identified fully with eternal Spirit; the I Am presence. From this moment on, his path was set. He travelled to Arunachala and spent the following years in silence, experiencing deep, blissful meditation in various temples.

Movie Review Ramana MaharshiHe shared the teachings of self-inquiry, pointing always to questioning the identification of the ego (the "i") and asking to know thy Self. The presence and stillness that emanated from him was felt by all who came to be with him, and most often he did not speak at all, as the presence and stillness was enough to heal and bless those who came seeking the experience of Truth.

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Written by : LMCenter