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Scene: With precision, Cris uses his psychic ability to guide the FBI forces against the terrorists. In his mind, he splits himself off in all directions, searching for Liz in the abandoned warehouse.

David Hoffmeister: Cris says, “You search this floor, I’ll do the rest,” because he’s going to search the rest with his mind. He’s going to check out all the potential places where they [the terrorists] might have Liz by using the power of his mind. The FBI agents can hardly believe it because they think it would take a whole team to do what he is going to do with his mind.

Quantum Field David HoffmeisterThis movie is an analogy showing us the acceleration that takes place in spiritual awakening. The Holy Spirit keeps narrowing down our potential options for illusions, and helps us zoom into the correction in a very quick way. Each miracle that we experience with the Holy Spirit saves thousands of years in human terms. This is why it is important to tune in to the Holy Spirit. He will lead us to the inevitable correction, back into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The scene showing Cris in many places at once is about superposition. Superposition just means that there are all kinds of options. What we seem to see before our eyes is the selection of options that we believe is possible, based on what we prefer to happen. The world is not outside the mind. The only reason we can seem to read a book, from inside a body, from behind eyeballs, is because we believe that it’s possible. But the Holy Spirit will show us that it is not possible. This is just one scenario out of the whole quantum field, and we believe that we are in it. We are not.


Excerpt from his book: Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, meet Jesus

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