Are These Feelings Spiritual Awakening Signs? Q&A with David Hoffmeister

Question: The world seems to be a pointless simulation. The movie The Matrix has portrayed this idea somewhat, yet we watch it and go back to our daily lives. I feel as if nothing in the world will ever have a point. I’ve heard that these feelings can be spiritual awakening signs. What can I do about this?

David Hoffmeister: The world and the people that seem to inhabit it are a simulation, yet Atonement, or complete forgiveness, is the point of release. Peace of mind is the point that simply sees the false as false.

Spiritual Awakening Signs ACIMThe perspective of the forgiven world is the goal. This perspective is far beyond the busyness and striving for bodily survival that the ego sponsors. The goal of forgiveness is a state-of-mind goal. We are joined in forgiveness. What is one cannot have separate parts. The sameness beneath the artificial appearances is the perspective of release.

Rest in the Love of the Living God and see that there are no cares or worries this Instant. In this Holy Instant are illusory cares of past and future completely forgotten.

Love is our Guide in Awakening from the dream of fear, guilt, and punishment. Reality has no limits of any kind. Look lovingly on the world made clean of judgment, and see that there is nothing "outside" of mind. A gap between “we” and “they” cannot exist in wholeness. Love can only look upon ItSelf. All Glory to God for creating all as One!

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