Turn Your Belief System Around with “Poseidon Adventure” – David Hoffmeister and the Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment

Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment, David Hoffmeister: When I was going through major shifts of turning everything in my mind from upside down to right side up, it would be like the movie The Poseidon Adventure, where the ship capsizes. The people inside the ship are trapped and they have to make their way to the doors that are up at the top of the rooms.

It is like that with your mind. This world is the condition of The Poseidon Adventure. Everything has been capsized—it is all upside down and reversed—and now you are trying to make a journey. The boat is capsized, it is dark, the power is off, and there are little cracks of light above; that is where the sky is.

Poseidon Adventure David HoffmeisterThe scenes in this movie are very metaphoric of the spiritual journey, because everything is upside down and nothing is familiar. But you know that the light is there and that is what you are going for. As you go for the Light, you will have mighty companions that come to meet you. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that the teacher of God will not go on alone.

How wonderful that, as we are going through the awakening of the mind, we start to draw forth witnesses. Some people see angels, some people see visions, etc. These are all symbols of going back to the light. These witnesses are the “hallelujah chorus” that show us that we don’t go on alone.


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Written by : LMCenter